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Since the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in 2014, USIP has assisted the U.S. government in convening and engaging with a broad and diverse audience, including the African diplomatic corps, regional security institutions, civil society organizations, Africa-focused U.S. institutions and the African Union. This enables the Institute to provide a forum for discussion on Africa’s opportunities and challenges, to support peace processes and to aid frontline peacebuilders. In support of this year’s summit, USIP is engaging directly with the leaders and organizations most important to advancing U.S. national security and economic interests in a region of growing geostrategic importance.

Continuing the Conversation

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The Latest @ USIP: African Youth Ambassadors on Youth, Peace and Security

Several of the African Union’s youth ambassadors explore how the summit offers a chance to build partnerships — especially at the local level — that promote youth-led peacebuilding efforts, as well as how African countries can draw on U.S. experience in addressing some of the major societal challenges facing African youth.

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U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Amplifies African Civil Society Voices

USIP spoke with several participants of the summit’s Civil Society Forum to discuss the importance of peacebuilding for everyday Africans, the need to amplify marginalized voices in African politics and public life, and what the summit can do to help open up African societies to a more diverse array of contributions from their citizens.

What follows is expert analysis and commentary in the lead up to the 2022 U.S.-Africa Leaders summit.

The Importance of the Summit

Coups and Transition to Civilian Governance

Africa’s Peacebuilding Mechanisms

Democracy and Elections

Women and Youth: Peace and Security

President Buhari

Public Event

A Conversation with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

At the December 16 event, President Buhari reflected on the legacy of his administration, his leadership in bringing the Electoral Act of 2022 into fruition and his promise to leave a legacy of credible elections in which the Nigerian people will be free to choose their leaders.