The Gandhi-King Global Academy promotes values-based peacebuilding through a combination of training, research, convening, small grants and direct support to peace processes.

The Global Academy offers in-person training for frontline peacebuilders as well as a growing online curriculum of over 30 courses that are free to all users. Established as part of the Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative Act, the Global Academy provides governmental and non-governmental leaders in conflict countries with conflict-resolution tools based on the principles of nonviolence. As directed by the Act, the Global Academy has a specific focus on the importance of inclusion, representation and nonviolent action in peacebuilding.


The Gandhi-King Global Academy resulted from a decade-long effort by the late Representative John Lewis (D-GA) to honor the legacy of Mohandas Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by promoting their philosophies of nonviolence. In February 2009, Representative Lewis and his colleague Representative Spencer Bachus (R-AL) co-led a State Department delegation to India in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the historic visit there by Dr. King and his wife Coretta Scott King in 1959.

Later that year, Representative Lewis introduced the Gandhi-King Act in the House of Representatives, stating that the bill’s purpose was “to apply the philosophies [of Gandhi and King] to modern issues such as human rights, peaceful conflict resolution, civil rights and democracy.” He called his proposal “common-sense legislation that should be a cornerstone of our public diplomacy efforts.” Reflecting his lifelong commitment to social justice, Representative Lewis introduced his bill in six consecutive Congresses before the Gandhi-King Act became law on December 27, 2020.

An American Approach to Peacebuilding

With the rules-based international order under increasing pressure from major-power rivalry, global inequities, climate change and pandemics, USIP is committed to promoting an American approach to peacebuilding — with an emphasis on de-escalation, dialogue, inclusion, justice, the rule of law, and political and religious freedom. In addition to its training and research, the Gandhi-King Global Academy serves as a forum where practitioners and scholars can exchange knowledge and experience about the application of such a values-based approach both abroad and in the United States.

The Team

David Yang
Vice President

Alison Milofsky
Director, Curriculum & Training Design

Dominic Kiraly
Director, Global Campus

Juan Diaz-Prinz
Interim Director, Inclusive Peace Processes & Reconciliation

Monica Curca
Interim Director, Nonviolent Action & Peacebuilding