Analysis and Commentary

Key Takeaways

  1. As Russia suffers successive defeats, Putin may be seeking to precipitate a Cuban missile crisis moment to pave the way toward an exit from the war.
  2. Russia’s battlefield defeats have had political repercussions at home, while international pressure from some of Putin’s key allies is also increasing.
  3. As this bad news accumulates, de-escalation appears more and more like the best, if not the only, path forward for Russia.


Meet the Finalists

  • The 2022 finalists were selected for their extraordinary commitment, leadership, peacebuilding practice and impact while working in some of the most difficult and dangerous conditions imaginable.

Analysis and Commentary

Key Takeaways

  1. China’s leader is on the offensive, pushing Beijing’s Global Security Initiative (GSI) an alternative to the Western-led security order.
  2. Xi’s proposals suggest that the GSI will also function as a framework for promoting and normalizing globally China’s expansive approach to domestic security.
  3. Clashing visions for global security will likely make it more difficult for Washington and Beijing to responsibly manage differences and cooperate on aligned interests.

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Kanni Wignaraja, assistant secretary-general at the U.N. and director of the U.N. Development Program’s regional bureau for Asia and the Pacific, discusses the impact of the compounding crises of COVID-19, climate shocks and the Ukraine conflict on development gains in the Asia-Pacific region; the long-term costs of delayed development; and creative, flexible approaches to addressing these challenges.

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