Civil Resistance 2: The Movement and the Message

This course investigates various communication methods utilized by movements both internally and externally. We survey the impact of the internet, the arts, and digital technologies on both traditional and social/new media.

Conflict Analysis

Insightful analysis is essential to any conflict management process, from prevention to mediation to reconciliation. This course will help you understand the potential trajectories of a conflict situation so you can develop effective peacebuilding strategies.

Conflict Analysis: Micro-Course

This micro-course defines and describes conflict analysis processes and the ways in which they inform the development and implementation of peacebuilding programs. It presents the five main elements of USIP’s conflict analysis framework and describes how to ensure that one’s analysis is sensitive to the conflict and those impacted by it.

Conflict Sensitivity in Peacebuilding

This introductory course provides an overview of conflict sensitivity and explains why organizations must institutionalize conflict sensitivity training and approaches. This course is relevant to anyone seeking to learn about conflict sensitivity, and we've developed the course materials with a broad and diverse audience in mind. However, most of the strategies we introduce are for peacebuilding project teams and organizations working in conflict-affected contexts.

Cultural Synergy

This course aims to prepare individuals working in communities across the world for episodic or sustained intercultural interactions.