The U.S. Institute of Peace proudly hosted Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip, accompanied by several of his cabinet ministers, for a discussion focused on his country’s foreign policy, regional role, reform achievements, political situation, and efforts to combat Russian influence. It is a critical period for Eastern Europe and a key time for Moldova in light of November's parliamentary elections that will determine the further direction of the country.

This conversation with Prime Minister Filip included ongoing democratic consolidation and economic development. Since the 2016 establishment of the government led by Prime Minister Filip, Moldova has enacted a series of important reforms to secure the country's Western-oriented development path. The conversation included a discussion of Moldova’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and its successful process of democratization in Eastern Europe. Prime Minister Filip’s cabinet ministers also commented on their portfolios. 


Ambassador William B. Taylor, moderator
Executive Vice President, U.S. Institute of Peace

The Honorable Pavel Filip
Prime Minister, Republic of Moldova

Tudor Ulianovschi
Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Republic of Moldova

Eugen Sturza
Minister of Defense, Republic of Moldova

Chiril Gaburici
Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Republic of Moldova

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