The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is moribund and a wave of violence that began in September 2015 continues to ebb and flow. USIP works at the policy and grassroots levels to bridge divides and prepare the ground for peace. The Institute supports dialogue and joint action across religious and ideological communities, trains Palestinian peacebuilders in conflict resolution skills, contributes policy analysis to diplomatic efforts, and works to build trust and cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian institutions to create an environment conducive to sustainable peace. Learn more in USIP’s fact sheet on The Current Situation: Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Regime Offensive Aims to Retake Southwest Syria, Displaces Thousands

Regime Offensive Aims to Retake Southwest Syria, Displaces Thousands

Monday, July 2, 2018

By: Mona Yacoubian

Over the past two weeks, the Syrian government has embarked on a military offensive across Syria’s southwest, focused on retaking the city of Dara’a. Russia has played a critical role, backing the operations with airstrikes. The United Nations estimates that at least 160,000 Syrian civilians have been displaced by the fighting, and the number could increase as the battle intensifies.

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