Erdut Agreement
Posted by USIP Library on: February 14, 2000
Source: The United States and Croatia: a documentary history, 1992-1997. (Printing by USIA Regional Program Office, Vienna) [1997?], 270-271.

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A Multimedia Online Atlas of War Crimes in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Over the years, the USIP Grant Program has supported a number of noteworthy projects aiming to develop large-scale public archives of primary and secondary information about conflicts in various countries.  A particularly impressive documentation effort is being carried out by a nongovernmental organization in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Research and Documentation Center (RDC), whose work has been supported by two USIP grants, one of which commenced in May 2010 and remains ongoing.  

Croatia After Tudjman

Croatia After Tudjman

Sunday, August 30, 1998

Recognizing that Bosnia cannot exist as a viable, democratic state unless it is embedded in a region that is itself stable and democratic, the Institute has begun a Bosnia in the Balkans Initiative to explore the prospects for regional political and economic development.  The Balkans Working Group on "Croatia After Tudjman" met in order to understand longer term factors that might affect regional stability.  The recent meeting on Croatia is one component of this work, which has included separ...

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