Allison Sturma serves as program officer with the Institute's public education department. Allison's focus is on engaging young people in USIP's work through educational programs and initiatives, Peace Clubs and online activities. She previously served as senior press officer at USIP, coordinating media outreach and promoting the Institute's work. Allison has also served as the senior external relationship specialist in the offices of congressional relations and public affairs at USIP. 

Between her educational experiences, Allison worked as a program instructor with the Close-Up Foundation and a faculty adviser with the Global Youth Leadership Conference. She has a bachelor’s degree with honors in political science from Union College and a master’s degree with merit from the University of Glasgow focused on the role of China in the international arena.

Publications By Allison

Montana Students Take on the World

Montana Students Take on the World

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

By: Allison Sturma

The students from Gardiner, Montana’s high school didn’t have much experience in the world beyond “little towns among farmland,” as one of them put it. So, when the mayor of the state capital, Helena, spoke to them as a 1994 refugee from Liberia’s civil war, the link between distant conflict zones and pastoral Montana took on a captivating human form.

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