The U.S. Institute of Peace is a premier resource for scholars, policymakers and practitioners in the field. At USIP's global headquarters, experts from many disciplines and perspectives advance the Institute’s thought leadership and foster rich communities of practice. USIP’s efforts improve policy and practice to more effectively prevent, mitigate and resolve violent conflict. Established in 1988, USIP’s Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship Program is a foundational component of the Institute’s peacebuilding mission.

An integral part of USIP’s research efforts, Jennings Randolph Senior Fellows help to develop and advance knowledge, peacebuilding tools and policy recommendations for more effective strategy, policy and programs that build sustainable peace.

Senior Fellows are hosted by USIP centers, whose staff contribute to or determine the themes for the fellowship applications. Fellows will be expected to work extensively with USIP’s experts on this theme and to contribute original work in the form of research, publications, blogs, and expert panels.

Current Fellowship Opportunity

Fellowship Competition (2021): Reinvigorating Multilateral Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Request for Applications

Application Deadline: Tuesday, June 29, 2021 (Registration must be completed by June 24, 2021)

This Request for Applications seeks research that strengthens our understanding of how multilateral institutions can be reformed to more effectively build and sustain peace. Priority will be given to research which identifies the factors impacting multilateral peacebuilding and conflict prevention and offers concrete recommendations to reform, rebuild, and sustain more effective institutions at the global and regional levels.