From 1986 through 2015, USIP’s Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship program supported research, writing and in-house advising on a wide variety of topics related to peace and conflict, from Track Two Diplomacy and its influence on US-Russia relations to oil and conflict, through over 315 ten-month, residential fellowships. In response to the maturing field of peacebuilding and in order to make efficient use of Institute, the Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship program has been restructured.  

The Senior Fellowship program supports targeted research, analysis and writing that is more closely integrated with the work of the Institute, with greater flexibility in terms of application opportunities, than previously. Calls for Concept Notes or applications for fellowships affiliated with specific USIP centers and programs will be issued throughout the year instead of once annually, and can be found on the Fellowship Program webpages, along with application directions and links to appropriate templates.  Senior Fellowships will generally be hosted by USIP Centers, whose staff will also be responsible for determining the themes on which Concept Notes or applications will be requested. Calls for applications or concept notes for fellowship opportunities will be posted on a rolling basis.  For more regarding USIP’s application process, please consult specific fellowship opportunity guidelines and our Fellowship Application Process page.