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Kamoludin Abdullaev (Senior Fellow, 2010-12)
Tajik National University | "The Afghanistan-Pakistan Conflict and its Impact on Central Asia."

Adnan Abu Odeh (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Former Permanent Representative of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United Nations | "Jordanians, Palestinians, and the Hashemite Kingdom in the Middle East Peace Process."

Mohammed Abu-Nimer (Senior Fellow, 2007-08)
Associate Professor, American University | "Lessons and Challenges in Evaluating Peace and Conflict Resolution Intervention Programs in Conflict Areas."

Zachary Abuza (Senior Fellow 2004-05)
Department of Political Science, Simmons College | "The Future of the MILF: Internal Dynamics and the Implications for Terrorism and Security in Southeast Asia."

Jaya Acharya (Senior Fellow 2006-07)
Executive Chairman, Center for Democracy and Development | "Maoist Crisis in Nepal: Diplomatic Strategies for Resolution."

Hussein M. Adam (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Department of Political Science, College of the Holy Cross | "Rethinking the Somali Political Experience."

Anatoly Adamishin (Senior Fellow, 2006-07)
Former ambassador to the United Kingdom and Italy and USSR deputy foreign minister | "The USSR/US Dialogue on Human Rights, 1986–1990."

CDR George Adams (Navy Chaplain Fellow, 2004-05)
Chaplain Corps, United States Navy | "Military Chaplains as Liaisons with Religious Leaders: Lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan."

Tani Adams (Senior Fellow, 2008-09)
Founder, International Institute of Learning for Social Reconciliation| "San Martin Jilotepeque: Life and Reconstruction of Community 25 Years after Atrocity."

Nabil al-Tikriti (Senior Fellow, 2007-08)
Assistant Professor, University of Mary Washington | "Addressing Ethnic Conflict and Population Displacement in Iraq."

Holger Albrecht (Senior Fellow, 2012-2014)
American University in Cairo, “Military Engagement in Mobilizing Societies in the Middle East”

Imtiaz Ali (Senior Fellow, 2009-10)
Independent Journalist | "Emergence of the Tribal Belt as a Fault Line in the War on Terror: The Growing Influence of Homegrown Pakistani Taliban and its Implication for Regional and Global Security."

Col. Michael Alvis (Army Peace Fellow, 1997-98)
United States Army | "The Impact of Peace Operations on Readiness." 

Cecile Aptel (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
International Centre for Transitional Justice | "Bring the Children Back: Reintegrating Children Who Have Participated in Mass Atrocities"

Leon Aron (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute | "The Emergence of Russian Foreign Policy."

Paul Arthur (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Department of Politics, University of Ulster | "Track One and Track Two Diplomacy Initiatives in Northern Ireland."

Judith Asuni (Senior Fellow, 2009-10)
Johns Hopkins University | "Niger Delta 'Militants': Victims or Perpetrators? Conflict and Violence in the Niger Delta"

Kevin Avruch (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, George Mason University | "Culture and Conflict Resolution."


Benny Bacani (Senior Fellow, 2004-05)
College of Law, Notre Dame University, Philippines | "Autonomy and Peace: Lessons from Southern Philippines"

Tozun Bahcheli (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Professor of Political Science, King's College, University of Western Ontario | "Greek-Turkish Relations in the Mediterranean and the Balkans."

Shaul Bakhash (Peace Fellow, 1993-94)
Robinson Professor of History, George Mason University | "Islam and the Transformation of Political Sensibility in Iran."

Harley D. Balzer (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Department of Government, Georgetown University | "The Middle Class and Prospects for Democracy in Russia."

Major General Dipankar Banerjee (Indian Army, ret.) (Senior Fellow, 2002-03)
Executive Director, Centre for Strategic Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka | "Countering Internal Conflict: Lessons from the Indian Army's Experience."

Amatzia Baram (Senior Fellow, 1997-98 and 2003-04)
Department of Middle Eastern History, University of Haifa | "Iraq of the Ba'ath, 1968-1996: Domestic Strife and Regional Conflict" and "State-Mosque Relations in Iraq, 1968-2003"

Hassan Barari (Senior Fellow, 2006-07)
Assistant Professor/Researcher Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan | "The Failure of Israeli Studies in the Arab World."

Joel Barkan (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Department of Political Science, University of Iowa | "Early Elections in Transitional Politics. "

Mordechai Bar-On (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
Co-founder, 'Peace Now.' | "In Pursuit of Peace: A History of the Israeli Peace Movement."

Tahseen Basheer, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Formerly National Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Cairo | "Developing a Constituency for Peace: Egypt's Peace Strategy, 1973-1980."

Nina Belyaeva (Visiting Fellow, 1992-93)
President, Interlegal Research Center, Moscow | "Constitutional, Legislative and Legal Foundations of Independent Political Organizations, Citizen Advocacy Groups and Democracy in the New Russia."

Daniel Benjamin (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Senior Associate, International Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies | "U.S. Responses to Genocide."

Jacob Bercovitch, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Professor of Political Science, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand | "Evaluating Interventions in Protracted Conflicts."

Bruce Berlin (Peace Fellow, 1988-89)
Founder and Executive Director of the Trinity Forum for International Security and Conflict Resolution, Santa Fe, New Mexico | "Lessons on Conflict Resolution from the Central American Peace Process."

Shaazka Beyerle (Senior Fellow 2017-18)
Author and Senior Advisor, the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict | “Social Movements and External Assistance: An Evidence-Based Strategic Framework to Support Nonviolent Action for Peaceful Change.”

Betty Bigombe (Senior Fellow, 2006-08)
"The Challenge of Managing Mediation: The Northern Uganda Experience."

Sonja Biserko (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
Head of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia | "Serbia vs. Yugoslavia: An Inside View of the Yugoslav Crisis."

Lt. Col. Donna Boltz (Army Peace Fellow, 2000-01)
United States Army | "Peace Operations: The Public Security and Information Dimensions."
Publications: "Information Technology and Peace Support Operations" (Institute Virtual Diplomacy Report, July 2002)

Jelke Boesten (Senior Fellow, 2011-2012)
King’s College, London, “Understanding Sexual Violence at the Interface of War and Peace”

Horacio Boneo (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Department of Government, Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Buenos Aires; formerly director of Electoral Assistance Division, UN Secretariat | "Monitoring Elections: A Critical Review."

Michael Bratton (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
Michigan State University | "Paradoxes of Power Sharing: Zimbabwe’s Protracted Transition"

Marie Breen-Smyth (Senior Fellow, 2002-03)
Chief Executive, Institute for Conflict Research, Northern Ireland | "The Political and Martial Role of Youth in Violently Divided Societies and the Implications for Peace Processes." 

Tone Bringa (Guest Scholar, 1999-00)
Associate Professor of Social Anthropology, University of London | "Post-War Reintegration in the Balkans."

Derek Brown (Senior Fellow, 2015-16)
Secretary and Co-Director, Peace Appeal Foundation | “An Examination of the Institutional Structures that Support National Dialogue Processes.”

Keith Brown (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University | "Accommodating Identities in Macedonia: Lessons for Conflict Resolution in Multiethnic Societies."

Daniel Brumberg (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Department of Government, Georgetown University | "Reclaiming the Agenda: A Comparative Study of Power Sharing in Divided Societies."

John Burton (Distinguished Fellow, 1988-89)
Formerly Secretary of the Department of External Affairs of Australia | "Insights from the Field of Conflict Resolution."


Charles Call (Guest Scholar, 2001-02 and Senior Fellow, 2008-09)
Assistant Professor, School of International Service, American University | "Constructing Justice and Security After War," and "Making Peace 'Stick': Civil Recurrence and How to Prevent It."

Cengiz Candar(Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Columnist, Sabah, Istanbul | "Toward Democracy with Islam: Turkey in the 21st Century."

Stojan Cerovic, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Columnist, Vreme, Belgrade | "Yugoslavia after the Kosovo Conflict."

Albert Cevallos (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
U.S. Agency for International Development | "Steal This Revolution: Nonviolent Revolution and the Transition to Democracyin Serbia."

Rabia Anwar Chaudry (Senior Fellow, 2015) 
Attorney, Chaudry & Anwer | “Religion and Countering Violent Extremism: Examining the role of young faith leaders in driving and mitigating sectarianism in Pakistan and Myanmar.”

Jian Chen (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Department of History, Southern Illinois University | "Revolution and Power: Mao's China Encounters the World."

Qimao Chen (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Senior Fellow, Shanghai Institute for International Studies | "The Potential for Crisis in the Taiwan Straits and Its International Implications."

Daniel Chirot (Senior Fellow, 2004-05)
Professor of Sociology, University of Washington | "The Muslim/Christian Divide in West Africa: Can a Religious War be Prevented?"

Richard Christenson (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
DCM, United States Embassy, Tokyo | "Security and Peace in Northeast Asia."

Ceslav Ciobanu (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Senior Research Scholar, James Madison University; former Moldovan Ambassador to the United States | "'Frozen and Forgotten' Conflicts in Post-Soviet States: Anatomy and Prospect for Resolution (Transnistria, Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh)"

Lt. Col. Roger Cloutier (U.S. Army Fellow, 2006-07)
Commander 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, U.S. Army | "In the Aftermath of War: America's Use of Defeated Armies in Post-Conflict Reconstruction"

Tony Coady (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Center for Philosophy and Public Issues, University of Melbourne | "The Ethics of Military Intervention."

Avner Cohen (Senior Fellow, 1997-98 and 2007-08)
Senior Research Scholar, Center for International Security Studies at Maryland, University of Maryland | "Nuclear Arms Control in the Middle East: Problems and Prospects," and "Addressing Iran's Nuclear Ambitions." 

Raymond Cohen (Peace Fellow, 1988-89 and Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Senior Lecturer, Hebrew University, Israel| "Negotiating Across Cultures: International Communication in an Interdependent World."

Jean-Marc Coicaud (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
Senior Academic Officer, United Nations University, Tokyo | "Multilateralism and Superpower: Dilemmas of International Democratic Culture."

Gerard Conac (Guest Scholar, 1999-00)
Director, Center for Political and Legal Studies of the African World, University of Paris. | “Constitutionalism and Peace.”

Col. Guy T. Cosentino (U.S. Army Fellow, 2007-08)
Chief, J5 Plans, MNSTC-I/J5, Phoenix Base, Iraq | "The U.S. Government's Interagency Process and the Failure of Institution Building in Iraq."

Theodore Couloumbis (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Professor of International Relations, University of Athens | "Greek-Turkish Relations in the Mediterranean and the Balkans."
Publications: "Greek-Turkish Relations & U.S. Foreign Policy: Cyprus, the Aegean, and Regional Stability"

Chester Crocker (Distinguished Fellow, 1989-90)
Schlesinger Professor of Strategic Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University; Chair, U.S. Institute of Peace Board of Directors | "The U.S. Role in Peacemaking in Southwestern Africa."

C. Esra Çuhadar (Senior Fellow, 2017-2018)  
Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Bilkent University, Turkey | “Understanding and devising strategies to overcome elite resistance to inclusive peace negotiations.”


Lori Fisler Damrosch (Senior Fellow,1995-96)
Professor of International Law and Organization, Columbia University | "How Constitutional Democracies Decide between War and Peace."

John Darby, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 1998)
Research Fellow, the Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame; Senior Research Fellow, INCORE, University of Ulster | "From Violence to Agreement in Ethnic Conflicts."

Mats Staffan Darnolf (Senior Fellow, 2017-18)    
Senior Global Electoral Operations and Administration Advisor, the International Foundation for Elector Systems (IFES) | “Breaking not Bending: Afghan Elections Require Institutional Reform.”

Joyce Davis (Peace Fellow, 1993-94)
Deputy Foreign Editor, Knight Ridder Newspapers | "Finding Common Ground between the Western and Islamic Worlds."

Graham Day (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
Formerly District Administrator, Oecussi District, United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) | "Policekeeping: Law and Order in Failed and Emerging States."

Francis Deng (Distinguished Fellow, 1987-88 and Senior Fellow, 2002-03)
Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General on Internally Displaced Persons | "Crises of Identity and the Prospects for Peace and Unity in the Sudan" and "Dilemmas of Self-Determination: A Challenge to African Constitutionalism."

Georgi M. Derluguian (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Department of Sociology, Northwestern University | "Sources of the Chechen Conflict."

Michael Dobbs (Senior Fellow, 2006-07)
National Reporter, Washington Post | "One Minute to Midnight: A New Perspective on the Cuban Missile Crisis"

Dusko Doder (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Former Moscow Correspondent, the Washington Post | "Reconstructing the Balkans after Yugoslavia's Dissolution and Civil War."

Denis Dragounski (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Postfactum News Agency, Moscow | "Multiethnic Russia and the Problem of Democratization."

Veronique Dudouet (Senior Fellow, 2018-19)
Program Director for Conflict Transformation Research, Berghof Foundation | The relationship between people power and formal peace processes: how nonviolent collective action and movements influence a peace process.

Pierre Du Toit (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
Department of Political Science, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa | "State Building and Democracy in Southern Africa."

Sujit Dutta (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Senior Fellow, Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi | "The Challenge of Conflict Resolution in Indo-Chinese Relations."


Shmuel Eisenstadt (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
Rose Isaacs Professor Emeritus of Sociology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem | "The Middle East Peace Process and the Transformation of the State."

Arun Elhance (Peace Fellow,1991-92)
Senior Fellow, International Peace Academy | "Hydropolitics in the Third World: Conflict and Cooperation in International River Basins."

Veronica Eragu Bichetero (Senior Fellow, 2011-2012)
Lawyer and Consultant (Gender, Human Rights, Conflict) in private practice, “African Women's Participation in Peace-Making: Lessons and Experiences from the Great Lakes Region”

Dana Eyre (Senior Fellow, 2005-06)
Senior Advisor, USAID-Iraq | "Re-Inventing Iraq: Understanding Iraqi Society and the Evolution of Coalition Democratization"


Patricia Fagen (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
Georgetown University | "Reintegration: A Challenge for Building Peace and Restoring National Integrity"

Mamoun Fandy (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Independent Scholar; formerly Professor of Middle East and South Asian Politics, National Defense University | "The Crisis of Education in the Muslim World."

Muhammed Faour (Peace Fellow, 1991-92)
Department of Sociology, American University of Beirut | "The Arab World After Desert Storm."
Publications: The Arab World After Desert Storm (U.S. Institute of Peace Press, 1993)

Stephen Farry (Senior Fellow, 2005-06)
General Secretary, Alliance Party of Northern Ireland | "Inside Out: An Integrative Critique of the Northern Ireland Peace Process."

Lily Gardner Feldman (Peace Fellow, 1988-89)
Senior Scholar in Residence, Center for German and European Studies, Georgetown University | "From Enmity to Friendship: Germany's Postwar Reconciliation with Israel, France and the United States."

Carla Ferstman (Senior Fellow, 2012-13)
Redress International, “Improving the Accountability of International Organizations”

Pamina Firchow (Senior Fellow, 2015-16) 
Associate Professor, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University | “Everyday Perceptions of Peace and Justice: Community Interventions and Reconciliation in Colombia and Uganda.”

Ruth Firer (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Director of Peace Education Projects, Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, Hebrew University of Jerusalem | "To Learn to Live Together: An Israeli-Palestinian Educational Joint Project."

Glenn Fisher (Guest Scholar, 1995-96)
Monteresy Institute | "The Mindsets of Ethnic Conflict."

Michael Foley (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Department of Politics, Catholic University of America | "The Betrayal of Rural Mexico: Peasant Organization, Failed Development and Rebellion."

Rena Fonseca (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University | "The Crisis of National Identity in India."

Chas Freeman (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Chairman, Project International Associates; formerly U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia | "Arts of Power: Statecraft and Diplomacy."


Gerald Gahima (Senior Fellow, 2006-07)
Legal Council, Dane Associates | "National Prosecutions of the Rwanda Genocide."

Peter Gastrow (Visiting Peace Fellow,1993-94)
Institute for Security Studies, South Africa | "Bargaining for Peace: South Africa and the National Peace Accord."

Shlomo Gazit (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Jaffee Center, Tel Aviv University | "Israeli Policy in the Occupied Territories from the Six Day War to the Intifada."

Alexander George, deceased. (Distinguished Fellow, 1990-92)
Professor Emeritus of International Relations, Stanford University | "Bridging the Gap: Theory and Practice in Foreign Policy."

James George, deceased. (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
Formerly staff member, House Committee on Government Operations; former Assistant Director, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. | "The History and Politics of Multilateral Arms Control Agreements."

Carol Giacomo (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Diplomatic Correspondent, Reuters | "Economic Strategy in U.S. Foreign Policy. "

Charles Glaser (Peace Fellow, 1989-90)
Harris Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Chicago | "Arms Races and the Probability of War."

Nancie Gonzalez (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
Professor Emerita of Anthropology, University of Maryland at College Park | "Political and Economic Dimensions of Ethnic Identity and Minority Conflict in Latin America and the Middle East."

James Goodby (Distinguished Fellow, 1992-93)
Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, the Brookings Institution | "Europe Undivided: The New Logic of Peace in U.S.-Russian Relations."

Michael Gordon (Senior Fellow, 2008-09)
Chief Military Correspondent, New York Times | "American Military, Diplomatic and Political Efforts to Stabilize Iraq, 2006-2009."

Namrata Goswami (Senior Fellow, 2012-2013)
Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, “China-India Border Issues in the Eastern Sector: Confidence-building or Continuing Tensions?”

Thomas Grant (Senior Fellow, 2007-08)
Research Associate, University of Cambridge | "Chechnya in International Law: Sovereign Power and the Regulation of a Secessionist Conflict."

Iain Guest (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Visiting Fellow, Overseas Development Council | "Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Bosnia in Comparative Perspective."

Jeremy Gunn (Executive Fellow, 1998-99)
Director of Research, U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom | "Rights of Religion and Belief: A Proposed International Standard."

Ted Robert Gurr (Peace Fellow, 1988-89)
Distinguished University Professor, Department of Government and Politics, Center for International Development and Conflict University of Maryland | "Minorities at Risk: A Global View of Ethnopolitical Conflicts."

Roy Gutman (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Diplomatic Correspondent, Newsweek | "International Humanitarian Law and the Media: The Case of Afghanistan."


Wajahat Habibullah (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Director, Government of India's National Academy of Administration | "Kashmir: The Problem and its Resolution."

Christian Hacke (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
University of Bonn | "The Impact of U.S. Foreign Policy on the Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe."

Salman Haidar (Senior Fellow, 2005-06)
Ambassador (retired), India | "A Framework for South Asian Peace and Security"

Fen Osler Hampson (Peace Fellow, 1993-94)
Professor, Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, Ottawa | "Nurturing Peace: Why Peace Settlements Succeed or Fail."

Hurst Hannum (Peace Fellow, 1989-90)
Associate Professor, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University | "The Right to Self-Determination and its Role in Ethnic and Religious Conflicts."

John Harbeson (Senior Fellow, 1998-99)
Department of Political Science, City University of New York | "Peaceful Conflict Resolution in New Democracies."

Lt. Col. John Michael Hardesty (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
United States Army | "Assessing U.S. Army Peace Operations Training."

Paul J. Hare (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Former U.S. Special Envoy to Angola | "Angola's Last Best Chance for Peace: An Insider's Account of the Peace Process."

Vivien Hart, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 2002-03)
Professor of English and American Studies, University of Sussex | "Making Constitutions, Seeking Peace."

Michael Hartmann (Senior Fellow, 2002-03)
International Public Prosecutor, United Nations Mission in Kosovo | "International Prosecutors and Judges in Post-Conflict Societies."

Caroline Hartzell (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
Gettysburg College | "Civil War Settlements and Post-Conflict Economic Growth"

Pierre Hazan (Senior Fellow, 2005-06)
Visiting Fellow, Harvard Law School | "International Justice in the Post 9/11 Era"

Neil Hicks (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
Senior Program Coordinator (Middle East), Lawyers Committee for Human Rights | "The Crisis of Human Rights Implementation in the Middle East and North Africa."

Rosalyn Higgins (Distinguished Fellow, 1987-88)
Judge, International Court of Justice | "The U.N.'s New Role and Recent Accomplishments."

Mark Hoffman (Peace Fellow, 1990-91)
Lecturer in International Relations, London School of Economics, and Director, Centre for the Analysis of Conflict, University of Kent | "How Third Party Mediation Can Help Solve Conflicts in the Developing World."

P. Terrence Hopmann (Senior Fellow, 1998-99)
Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University | "Building a Security Community in Europe: The Role of the OSCE."

Donald Horowitz (Senior Fellow, 2011-12)
Professor of Law and Political Science at Duke University | “Constitutional Design for Severely Divided Societies.”

Lise Morjé Howard (Senior Fellow, 2011-12)
Assistant Professor in the Department of Government at Georgetown University | “U.S. Foreign Policy in Ethno-Sectarian Civil Wars”

Cameron Hume (Guest Scholar, 1994-95)
Minister-Counselor, U.S. Mission to the U.N., and former U.S. Representative to Mozambiquan Peace Talks | "Ending Mozambique's War: The Role of Mediation and Good Offices."

Charlotte Hunter (Navy Chaplain Fellow, 2005-06)
Head, Training, Education & Professional Development Branch, Navy Chief of Chaplain's Office, U.S. Navy | "Training for Diversity: Strategists, Planners, and Religious Issues in U.S. Military Operations"

Wendy Hunter (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Department of Political Science, Vanderbilt University | "In Search of a Mission: Latin American Militaries after the Cold War."

Touqir Hussain (Senior Fellow, 2004-05)
Ambassador (ret.), Pakistan | "Re-engagement with Pakistan: Issues for U.S. Foreign Policy."


Gorka Espiau Idoiaga (Senior Fellow, 2005-06)
Director and Spokesperson, Elkarri: The Movement for Dialogue in the Basque Region | "New Opportunties for Peace in the Basque Region and Spain: A Civil Society's Unique Contribution to Conflict Transformation."

Ildus Ilishev (Senior Fellow, 1998-99)
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of History, Language, and Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences (Ufa Branch) | "Language Conflict as a Source for Ethnic Violence and Political Dominance."

Thomas Imobighe (Peace Fellow, 1991-92)
Formerly Commissioner, National Boundary Commission of Nigeria | "Regional Organizations and International Conflict Management in the Third World."

In-Taek Hyun (Guest Scholar, 2001-02)
Associate Professor of Political Science, Korea University | "Regional Security and the Korean Peninsula."

George Irani (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Program in Conflict Analysis and Management, Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia | "Peace-Building in Lebanon: A Manual for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation."

Vladimir Ivanov (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
Senior Researcher, Economic Research Institute of Northeast Asia, Niigata, Japan | "The Prospects for Peace and Conflict in the Western Pacific and Northeast Asia in the Post-Communist Era."

Hajime Izumi (Guest Scholar, 1995)
University of Shizuboa | "Applying Collective Problem Solving to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."


Faleh A. Jabar (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Research Fellow, Birkbeck College, University of London | "The Day After: Prospects for Post-Ba'ath Democratization in Iraq."

Søren Jessen-Petersen (Guest Scholar, 2006-08)
Former Special Representative of the Secretary General, Administrator Kosovo | "Thirty Years in the Humanitarian Frontlines"

Ray Jennings (Senior Fellow 2002-03)
Former Senior Field Advisor, Office of Transition Initiatives, U.S. Agency for International Development | "Participatory Community Revitalization Projects and Conflict Management."

Bruce W. Jentleson (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Professor of Political Science, University of California, Davis | "The United States and the Politics and Strategy of Post-Cold War Peace Operations."

Jalil Abbas Jilani (Senior Fellow, 2018-19)
Former ambassador of Pakistan to the U.S., Belgium and European Union | India-Pakistan conflict resolution and regional stability, including means for peaceful coexistence and support for reconciliation in Afghanistan.

Michael Johnson (Senior Fellow, 2006-07)
Registrar, Court of Bosnia & Herzegovina | "Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Model of Complementarity, Ten Years Late"

Jok Madut Jok (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
Loyola Marymount University | "A Crumbling Political Landscape in Southern Sudan: How Insecurity Threatens the 2005 Peace Accord"

Richard Joseph (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Reagan-Fascell Senior Fellow, National Endowment for Democracy | "Political Renewal and Political Violence in Africa, 1989-2001."


Oliver Kaplan (Senior Fellow, 2016-17) 
Assistant Professor, Josef Korbel School, University of Denver | “Framing External Support to Nonviolent Actors in Conflict.”

Yo'av Karny (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Independent Journalist and Author, Highlanders: A Journey to the Caucasus in Quest of Memory | "Violence and Non-Violence in Independence Struggles: East Timor, Chechnya, Palestine."

Tara Kartha (Senior Fellow, 2018-19)
Distinguished Fellow, Institute of Peace and Conflict Research, India | India-Pakistan conflict resolution and regional stability, including means for peaceful coexistence and support for reconciliation in Afghanistan.

Mark Katz (Peace Fellow, 1989-90)
Professor of Government and Politics, George Mason University | "Soviet-American Conflict Resolution in the Third World."

Herbert Kelman (Distinguished Fellow, 1989-90)
Center for International Affairs, Harvard University | "Applying Collective Problem Solving to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."

Mohamed Khalil (Peace Fellow, 1991-92)
Former Speaker of the Sudanese Constituent Assembly, Minister of Justice, and Dean of the Faculty of Law at Khartoum University | "Islamic Law and Society and Contemporary International Legal Norms."

Davlat Khudonazarov (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Filmmaker and Human Rights Activist, Tajikistan | "Resolving Civil Conflict in Tajikistan."

Commander Margaret G. Kibben (Navy Fellow, 2002-03)
U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps | "Military Chaplins as Advisors on Religion and Diplomacy."

Chong Whi Kim (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
Former National Security Advisor to the President of the Republic of Korea | "Policy Options for the Republic of Korea and the United States toward North Korea and the Unification of Korea."

Paul Kimmel (Peace Fellow, 1988-89)
Private Consultant, Los Angeles | "Overcoming Cultural Barriers in International Negotiations."

Heinrich Klebes (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
International Institute for Democracy, Strasbourg | "The Quest for Democratic Security in Europe."

Ephraim Kleiman (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Professor of Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem | "Economic Integration and Political Separation: Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians."

Norma Kriger (Peace Fellow, 1993-94)
Visiting Professor, Goucher College, Baltimore | "Demobilizing and Reintegrating War Veterans in Zimbabwe."

Alan Kuperman (Senior Fellow, 2013-2014)
University of Texas at Austin, “Humanitarian Blowback? Lessons for Future Intervention”

Kemal Kurspahic (Senior Fellow, 1999-2000)
Spokesman, U.N. Office for Drug Control & Crime Prevention (Vienna Int'l Centre) | "Voices of Hatred, Voices of Tolerance: The Media in Bosnian Conflict and Reconciliation."


Ruth Lapidoth (Peace Fellow, 1990-91)
Professor of Law, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem | "Autonomy: Flexible Solutions to Ethnic Conflicts."

Brook Larmer (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Foreign Correspondent, Newsweek. | "Revolutions without Guns: The Power and Pitfalls of Nonviolent Action."

Yang Lee (Peace Fellow, 1993-94)
Former Director-General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea | "Peacebuilding on the Korean Peninsula."

Melvyn Leffler (Senior Fellow, 2004-05)
Professor of History, University of Virginia | Why the Cold War Lated as Long as It Did

Nan Li (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Department of Government, Dartmouth College | "The Military and National Identity in China."

Anatol Lieven (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The Times (London) | "Ukraine and Russia: A Fraternal Rivalry."

Ronald Linden (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Professor of Political Science and Director, Center for Russian and East European Studies, University of Pittsburgh | "The Price of Eastern Europe's Attempt to Join Europe."

David Little (Distinguished Fellow, 1987-89)
Professor of Religion, Ethnicity and International Conflict, Harvard Divinity School | "The Legal and Moral Dilemmas of Safeguarding Human Rights During Armed Conflict."

Robert S. Litwak (Executive Fellow, 1995-96)
Director of International Studies, Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars | "U.S. Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era: Strategies toward "Rogue" States."

William Long (Senior Fellow, 2009-10)
George Institute of Technology | "Cross-border Health Cooperation in Zones of Conflict: Deriving Lessons for Improving Regional Stability and Global Security."

George Lopez (Senior Fellow, 2009-10)
Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame | "Can Sanctions be Saved?"

Nancy Lubin (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
President, JNA Associates | "Ethnic Conflict, Economic Development, and Environmental Change in Uzbekistan and Other Former Soviet Central Asian Republics."

Michael Lund (Senior Fellow, 2011-12)
Former Senior Specialist of Conflict and Peacebuilding at Management Systems International, Inc. | “Democracy without Tears? Avoiding Conflict or State Failure in Post-Authoritarian Transitioning 'Semi-Democracies'”

Princeton Lyman (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Executive Director, Global Interdependence Initiative, the Aspen Institute, Washington, DC. | "The United States' Role in South Africa's Transition to Democracy."

Bernard Lynch (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Department of Foreign Affairs, Australia | "The United States and Iran: Exploring New Approaches to Relations."


Robert Maguire (Senior Fellow, 2008-09)
Trinity University | “Resource Allocation for Stability and Development in Transitional Societies: Strategic Decision-Making in the Case of Haiti.”

Yuri Maltsev (Peace Fellow, 1990-91)
Department of Economics, Carthage College | "Easing the Trauma of the Soviet Union's Transition to a Market-Based Economy."

Moshe Ma'oz (Senior Fellow, 2004-05)
Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem | "Washington vs. Damascus: Quo Vadis?"

Jack Maresca (Guest Scholar, 1994-95)
President, Business Humanitarian Forum Association; former U.S. Ambassador to OSCE | "War in the Caucasus: A Proposal for Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh."

Jamsheed Marker (Distinguished Fellow, 1989-90)
Diplomat in Residence, Eckerd College | "The Negotiations Leading to the Geneva Agreement on the Withdrawal of Soviet Forces from Afghanistan."

Susan Collin Marks (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Executive Vice President, Search for Common Ground, Washington, DC. | "Watching the Wind: Conflict Resolution During South Africa's Transition to Democracy." 

Phebe Marr (Senior Fellow, 2004-05 and 2005-06)
Retired professor, National Defense University, University of Tennessee, Stanislaus State University | "Envisioning Iraq's Future: Developing an Alternative View" and "Iraq's Emerging Political Leadership"

Michael J. Matheson (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Visiting Professor of Law, George Washington University, formerly principal deputy legal advisor, U.S. Department of State | "Armed Conflict and International Law in the Post-Cold War Period."

Philip Mattar (Senior Fellow, 2002-03; Guest Scholar 2003-04)
President, Palestinian American Research Center | "Palestinian Missed Opportunities."

David H. P. Maybury-Lewis, deceased. (Distinguished Fellow, 1989-90; Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Professor of Anthropology, Harvard University | "Ethnicity in the Americas: The Indian Question" and "The New World Dilemma: Indigenous Peoples and the State of the Americas (2001)."

Cynthia McClintock (Peace Fellow, 1990-91)
Professor of Political Science, George Washington University | "Revolutionary Movements in Latin America: El Salvador's FMLN and Peru's Shining Path."

Myres McDougal, deceased. (Distinguished Fellow, 1987-89)
Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law, Yale University | "The Relationship between International Law and Interdependencies in the World Community."

Montgomery McFate (Senior Fellow, 2006-07)
Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analysis | "National Security and Cultural Knowledge."

Chaplain Daniel McKay, U.S. Navy Chaplain (Senior Fellow, 2006-07)
Headquarters Battalion’s Chaplain, Second Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina | "Why Character Counts: Military Leadership in 21st Century Peace Operations."

Capt. Paul F. McLaughlin (Navy Fellow, 2001-02)
United States Navy Chaplain Corps | "The Chaplain's Evolving Role in Peace and Humanitarian Relief Operations."

Denis McLean (Distinguished Fellow, 1994-95)
Former Ambassador of New Zealand to the United States | "Peacekeeping Operations."

Kurt Meppen (Military Fellow, 2005-06)
Army Fellow, Central Asia Policy Manager, Office of the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Army | "U.S. Security Assistance in Central Asia: Political Leverage and Policy Goals"

Julie Mertus (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
Assistant Professor, School of International Service,American University | "The Imprint of Kosovo on International Law: Coercive Diplomacy, Humanitarian Intervention, and Secession."

Vernon Mendis, deceased. (Peace Fellow, 1990-91)
Former Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations | "How the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Can Assist with Conflict Management in the Region."

John Menzies (Peace Fellow, 1990-91; Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Former Ambassador of the United States to Bosnia | "The Dayton Peace Agreement and Balkan Regional Stability."

Gwendolyn Mikell (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Professor of Sociology, Georgetown University | "Gender and Peacebuilding During African Political Transitions."

Asieh Mir (Senior Fellow, 2008-09)
Independent Consultant | “Mapping the Minds, Charting the Course: A Qualitative Approach to the Democratic Movement in Iran.”

Georgiy Mirsky (Visiting Fellow, 1991-92)
Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Moscow | "Changes in Soviet Foreign Relations and Prospects for International Peace."

Raja Mohan (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
Research Associate, Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, New Delhi, India | "Security Issues between India and Pakistan: Prospects for Confidence Building Measures and Force Reduction."

Moo-Hong Moon (Guest Scholar, 1998-99)
Department of National Unification, Republic of Korea | “The Ramifications of Reunification on the Korean Peninsula.”

Sharon Morris (Senior Fellow, 2013-2014)
Mercy Corps, “Peacebuilding and Development: Towards a New Model of Civilian Assistance in Transitional States”

Bradford Morse, deceased. (Distinguished Fellow, 1987-88)
Former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives and Under Secretary General of the UN | "The Relationship of Economic Development to International Peace."

Ahmad Moussalli (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Department of Political Studies, American University of Beirut | "Individual Liberty, Civil Society and Limited Government in Popular Islam vs. the Authoritarianism of the Islamic State."

Albaqir Mukhtar (Senior Fellow, 2005-06)
Regional Campaign Coordinator, Amnesty International | "The Cultural Roots of Human Rights Violations in Sudan: Identity and the Civil War."

Christina Murray (Senior Fellow 2011-2012)
University of Capetown | “Constitution Making Between Violence and Peace: Kenya’s Story”

Roxanne Myers (Senior Fellow, 2005-06)
Lecturer, University of Guyana | "Transforming Ethnopolitical Conflict in Guyana."


Satya Nandan (Visiting Distinguished Fellow, 1992-93)
Former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea; former Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Government of Fiji | "The Role of Mediators in Complex International Negotiations."

Andrew Natsios (Senior Fellow, 1998-99)
Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development | "The Great North Korean Famine: Famine, Politics, and Foreign Policy."

Joyce Neu (Senior Fellow, 2006-07)
Executive Director, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego | "Pursuing Justice During Armed Conflict: Facilitating or Obstructing Peace?"

Herman Nickel (Distinguished Fellow, 1989-90)
Former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa | "Political Conflict, Economic Interdependence, and Peace in Southern Africa."


Andries Odendaal (Senior Fellow, 2009-10)

Conflict Transformation Support Services | "Local Peacebuilding Forums: Methodological Considerations."

Col. Howard A. Olsen (Army Peace Fellow, 1998-99)
United States Army | "Closing the Gap between Civilian and Military Implementation: Senior Military Leadership in Peace Operations."

Mancur Olson, deceased. (Distinguished Fellow, 1990-91)
Formerly Professor of Economics, University of Maryland | "The Causes of International Conflict and Cooperation."

Bruce Oswald (Senior Fellow, 2012-2013)
Melbourne Law School, “The Legal and Policy Framework for Opposition and Interim Government Forces Maintaining Law and Order”

Oyeleye Oyediran (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Department of Political Science, University of Lagos | "Democracy vs. Military Authoritarianism in Nigeria."


Arjuna Parakrama (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Co-Director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives and Senior Lecturer at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka | "Resisting the Crossfire: The Dual Identity of Border Village Communities in Sri Lanka's Ethnic War."

Chan Bong Park (Guest Scholar, 1996-97)
Ministry of National Reconciliation, Republic of Korea | "Transitional Justice and Korean Unification."

Gramoz Pashko, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Economist; formerly Deputy Prime Minister of Albania | "Albanians and Balkan Security."

Brenda Pearson (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Formerly senior political analyst with the International Crisis Group | "Bridging the Gap between Ethnic Albanians and Macedonians."

Don Peretz, deceased. (Visiting Fellow, 1991-92)
Professor Emeritus of Political Science, State University of New York at Binghamton | "Palestinians, Refugees, and the Middle East Peace Process."

Yoram Peri (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Professor of Communication, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem | "The Israeli Military and the Peace Process."

Robert Perito (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Former Deputy Director, International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP), U.S. Department of Justice | "The American Experience with Policing Peace."

Vesna Pesic (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to Mexico | "Preparing the Ground for War in Serbia, 1987-1992."

Violeta Petroska-Beska (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
Professor of Psychology, University of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia | "Education for Interculturalism: Learning to Live Together in a Multicultural Society."

Philippe Peycam (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
International Institute of Asian Studies, Netherlands | "Social Cohesion Through Creative Knowledge in Post-Conflict Societies: Lessons from Cambodia."

Andrew Pierre (Senior Fellow, 1998-99 & 2010-11)
Adjunct Professor, School of Foreign Service and Senior Associate, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University | "NATO’s Enlargement Beyond the Visegrad Three."

Bhojraj Pokharel (Senior Fellow, 2017-18)
Author and Former Chairman, Nepalese Election Commission | “Election Violence Prevention through Preventative Diplomacy.”

John Prendergast (Executive Fellow, 1996-97)
Co-Director of the Africa Program, International Crisis Group, Washington, D.C. | "Managing Conflict in the Horn of Africa."

Dana Priest (Guest Scholar, 2001-02)
The Washington Post | "Civil-Military Relations in the Formulation and Execution of American Foreign Policy."


Babak Rahimi (Senior Fellow, 2005-06)
University of California, San Diego | "The Sistani Factor: The Relevance of Ayatollah Sistani to the Democratization of Post-Saddam Iraq."

Robin Ranger (Peace Fellow, 1988-90)
Arms Control Analyst, Washington, D.C. | "Ensuring Compliance with START and Other Proposed Arms Control Agreements."

Amina Rasul-Bernardo (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Research Fellow, Sycip Policy Center (Manila) | "Autonomy or Federalism: Self-Rule for Philippine Muslims."

Peter Reddaway (Distinguished Fellow, 1993-94)
Professor of Political Science, George Washington University | "The Tragedy of Russia's Reforms: Market Bolshevism against Democracy."

Anthony Regan (Senior Fellow, 2004-05)
Fellow, Australian National University | "Sustainable Conflict Resolution and Post-Agreement Peacebuilding in an Apparently Intractable Conflict: Lessons from the Bougainville (Papua New Guinea) Peace Process."

John Reinhardt (Distinguished Fellow, 1988-89)
Former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, and Director of the U.S. Information Agency | "How Governmental Communication with Foreign Publics Can Help Reduce International Tension and Conflict."

The Hon. Bill Richardson (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Kissinger McLarty Associates | "Energy Dimensions of U.S. Relations with North Korea."

Indar Rikhye, deceased. (Visiting Distinguished Fellow, 1990-91)
Founder and President, International Peace Academy | "Making UN Peacekeeping More Effective."

Ruzica Rosandic (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Department of Psychology, University of Belgrade | "The Goodwill Classroom: Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Training in Educational Policy."

Valerie Rosoux (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research | "Scope and Limits of Reconciliation as a Peace-Building Process."

Eugene Rostow, deceased. (Distinguished Fellow, 1990-92)
Formerly Dean, School of Law, Yale University; Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs; and Director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency | "Aggression and Self-Defense."

Donald Rothchild, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Department of Political Science, University of California, Davis | "Pressures and Incentives for Cooperation: the Management of Ethnic and Regional Conflicts in Africa."

Robert Rothstein (Peace Fellow, 1991-92)
Harvey Picker Distinguished Professor of International Relations, Colgate University | "Why Emerging Democracies in the Developing World Thrive or Falter."

Leonard Rubenstein (Senior Fellow, 2008-09)
Physicians for Human Rights | “Toward a New Human Rights/Humanitarian Law Framework on Health in Conflict.”

Barnett Rubin (Peace Fellow, 1989-90)
Director of Studies, Center of International Cooperation, New York University | "Afghanistan Since the Soviet Withdrawal: International Aid, Reconstruction, and Civil Conflict."


Abraham Sagi-Schwartz (Senior Fellow, 2005-06)
Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Child Development, University of Haifa | "Chronic Exposure to Catastrophic War Experiences and Political Violence: Links to the Well-being of Children and their Families."

Mohamed Sahnoun (Visiting Distinguished Fellow, 1992-93)
Formerly U.N. Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia | "Somalia: The Missed Opportunities."

Mostafa-Elwi Saif (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Department of Political Science, Cairo University | "Changing Arab Perceptions of Regional Security."

Abdul Sattar (Distinguished Fellow, 1993-94)
Foreign Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan | "The Imperatives of Peace in South Asia."

James Savage (Senior Fellow, 2011-2012)
University of Virginia, “State-Building in Iraq: The 17th Benchmark and the Reconstruction of Iraq's Budgetary Institutions”

William Schabas (Senior Fellow, 1998-99)
Director, Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland | "The Law of Genocide."

Jerrold L. Schechter (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
Chairman, Schechter Communications Corp | "Russian Negotiating Behavior: Continuity and Transition."

David Scheffer (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Senior Vice President, United Nations Association of the USA; and former U.S. Ambassador at Large for War Crimes | "U.S. Engagement in the Development of International Criminal Tribunals and in Responding to Atrocities."

Richard Schifter (Guest Scholar, 2005-06)
Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs | "The USSR/US Dialogue on Human Rights 1986-1990"

Jennifer Schirmer (Senior Fellow, 2006-07)
Visiting Professor, Center for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo | "Skilling Armed Actors for Peace in Colombia"

Erwin Schmidl (Senior Fellow, 1995-96)
Head of Research, Austrian Institute for Military Studies | "The Role of Small and Neutral Countries in Peace Operations."

Paul Schroeder (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
Professor Emeritus of History, University of Illinois | "The Development of International Conflict Management Processes, from the 17th Century to the Present."

Eric Schwartz (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Visiting Lecturer, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University | "Policy Responses to Complex Humanitarian Crises: An Interdisciplinary and Integrated Approach."

Elaine Sciolino (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, The New York Times | "The Iranian Revolution After Twenty Years."

Paul Seabury, deceased(Distinguished Fellow, 1987-88)
Professor of Political Science, University of California at Berkeley | "Soviet Proxy Governments and the Promotion of Low-Intensity Warfare."

Col. Michael Seidl (Army Fellow, 2004-05)
U.S. Army | "Provincial Reconstruction Teams: A Strategy for Stability in Afghanistan."

Bereket Habte Selassie (Distinguished Fellow, 1992-93)
Professor of African and Afro-American Studies, University of North Carolina | "Promoting Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa through Regional Integration and Economic Cooperation."

Daniel Serwer (Senior Fellow, 1998-99)<
U.S. Institute of Peace | "Regional Security in the Balkans."/p>

Jacob Shamir (Senior Fellow, 2004-05)
Senior Lecturer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem | "Public Opinion in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."

Shimon Shamir (Distinguished Fellow, 1991-92)
Professor of Middle Eastern History, Tel Aviv University, and former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt | "People-to-People Contacts and Arab-Israeli Reconciliation."

Jill Shankleman (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Director, J. Shankleman Limited, Oxford | "Does Business Have a Role in Peacemaking."

Rosalind Shaw (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tufts University | "Remembering to Forget: Rituals of Healing and the Work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Sierra Leone."

Dorothy Shea (Guest Scholar, 1998-99)
Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State | "The South African Truth Commission: The Politics of Reconciliation."

Eugene Shirley (Peace Fellow, 1989-91)
President, Pacem Productions Inc., Los Angeles | "A Comparative and Historical Analysis of Communist States and Parties Since the Bolshevik Revolution."

Ivan Sigal (Senior Fellow, 2007-08)
Regional Director, Internews Network | "Old Media, New Media and Media Assistance in Conflict Prone Settings."

Mihaly Simai (Peace Fellow, 1991-92)
Director, Institute for World Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest | "The Future of Global Governance: Managing Risk and Change in the International System."

Beth A. Simmons (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Department of Political Science, University of California at Berkeley | "Compliance Without Enforcement: The Rule of Law in International Relations."

Masipula Sithole, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 2002-03)
Professor of Political and Administrative Studies, University of Zimbabwe | "Risk Taking in Zimbabwe: The Impact of Mugabe's Policies in Southern Africa."

Tamara Sivertseva (Senior Fellow, 1999-00)
Visiting Fellow, The Kroc Institute, Notre Dame University | "The Quest for National Identity in the North Caucasus."

Barbara Slavin (Senior Fellow, 2007-08)
Senior Diplomatic Reporter, USA Today | "Iran Rising: Iran and its Clients in the Middle East."

Hazel Smith (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Reader in International Relations, University of Warwick (UK) | "The Contribution of International Assistance to Peaceful Social and Economic Transformation in the DPRK."

Sammy Smooha (Senior Fellow, 2009-10)
University of Haifa | "The Challenge of National Minorities to Ethnic Majority Hegemony: Comparative Study of Ethnic Democracies in Israel, Estonia, Slovakia, Macedonia, and Northern Ireland.”

Louis B. Sohn (Distinguished Fellow, 1991-92)
Woodruff Professor of International Law, University of Georgia | "Judicial and Other Instruments in the Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes."

Henryk Sokalski (Senior Fellow, 2000-01)
Former Assistant Secretary General, United Nations | "UNPREDEP in Macedonia: A Blueprint for Early Conflict Prevention."

Marc Sommers (Senior Fellow, 2009-10)
Tufts University | "Youth, Popular Culture and Terror Warfare: Insights from Sierra Leone"

Ehud Sprinzak, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Formerly Dean, Lauder School of Government, the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel | "The Dynamics of Political Terrorism: Toward an Evolutionary Theory."

Galina Starovoitova, deceased. (Peace Fellow, 1993-94)
Formerly Member, People's Congress of Deputies, Russian Federation | "Promoting International Cooperation for the Peaceful Resolution of Ethnic Conflicts."

Donald Steinberg (Senior Fellow, 2004-05)
Director, Joint Policy Council, Department of State | "Internally Displaced Persons: Caring for the Stepchildren of Conflict."

Robert Strausz-Hupé, deceased. (Distinguished Fellow, 1992-93)
President Emeritus, Foreign Policy Research Institute | "De Tocqueville's Concept of Democracy and Today's Emerging Democratic Societies."

Warren Strobel (Senior Fellow, 1994-95)
State Department Correspondent, The Washington Times | "Late-Breaking Foreign Policy: The News Media's Influence on Peace Operations."

Rotimi Suberu (Peace Fellow, 1993-94 and Senior Fellow 2006-07)
Senior Lecturer in Political Science, University of Ibadan, Nigeria | "Federalism and Ethnic Conflict in Nigeria" and "Managing Nigeria's Federal Democracy"

Milan Svec (Peace Fellow, 1989-91)
Former Czech diplomat | "Gorbachev's Domestic and Foreign Policy Reforms and Soviet-U.S. Relations."

Col. Alan Swain (Army Peace Fellow, 1999-00)
United States Army | "Applying Lessons Learned from Bosnia to the Current International Peace Operation in Kosovo."

Praveen Swami (Senior Fellow, 2004-05)
Special Correspondent, Frontline Magazine, India | "Islam, Ethnicity and Nationalism: A History of Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir."


Anara Tabyshalieva (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Director, Institute for Regional Studies, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic | "Kyrgyzstan: The Way to Ethnic and Religious Peace."

Manal Taha (Senior Fellow, 2015-16)
MSI Worldwide and USAID: Road to Tolerance Program | “Youth and Violent Extremism Associations in Libya: Approach to Understand Local Factors of Community Resilience and Vulnerability.”

Elizabeth Teague (Peace Fellow, 1992-93)
Senior Analyst, the Jamestown Foundation | "Conflict Among Nationalities and Ethnic Minorities in the Former Soviet Union."

Emmanuel Teitelbaum (Senior Fellow, 2009-10)
The George Washington University | "Putting Identity in Perspective: Economic Reform and Political Stability in the World's Largest Democracy."

Elizabeth Thompson (Senior Fellow, 2007-08)
Associate Professor, University of Virginia | "Struggles for Justice in the Middle East."

Anne Thurston (Peace Fellow, 1993-94)
School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University | "Popular Attitudes toward and Dilemmas of Democratization in China."

Frederick Tipson (Senior Fellow, 2011-2012)
Former Director, UNDP | "Disaster Relief as Preventative Diplomacy- Enhancing the Multilateral Dimensions"

David Tolbert (Senior Fellow, 2008-09)
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia | "Can International Tribunals Make a Difference on the Ground? Lessons from the ICTY."

Stein Tonnesson (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
International Peace Research Institute- Oslo | "The East Asian Peace."

Saadia Touval, deceased. (Peace Fellow, 1993- 94)
School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University | "State vs. International Mediation: Lessons from Somalia and Yugoslavia."

Jonathan Tucker (Senior Fellow, 2002-03)
Director, CBW Nonproliferation Program, Monterey Institute | "Biosecurity: The Nexus of Public Health and International Security."

Col. Stanley Tunstall (Army Peace Fellow, 2001-02)
United States Army | "Transnational Organized Crime and Conflict: Strategic Implications for the Military."

Col. Barry Tyree (Army Peace Fellow, 2003-04)
United States Army | "Challenges to Effective Support of Long-Term Stability and Security in Colombia."


Vadim Udalov (Visiting Fellow, 1990-91)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Russian Federation | "Natural Interest in International Politics: The Case of Soviet-U.S. Relations in the Post-Cold War Era.”


Hendrick van der Merwe, deceased. (Peace Fellow, 1993-94)
Formerly Senior Consultant, Center for Intergroup Studies, South Africa | "Restitution and the Pursuit of Justice and Peace in the New South Africa."

Max van der Stoel, deceased. (Distinguished Fellow, 1987-89)
Former High Commissioner on National Minorities, Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe | "Prospects for the U.S.-European Alliance to Promote International Peace."

Patricia Vasquez (Senior Fellow, 2009-10)

Energy Intelligence | "Untold Conflicts: Local Resistance to Oil and Gas Development in Latin America."

Francisco Villagran de Leon (Peace Fellow, 1991-92)
Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala to Canada | "Strengthening the Organization of American States to Promote Peace and Security in the Western Hemisphere.”


Ann Wainscott (Senior Fellow, 2017-18) 
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Miami University | “The Role of Iraq's Religious Sector for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation.”

John Wallach, deceased. (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Formerly Seeds of Peace | "The Enemy Has a Face: The Seeds of Peace Experience."

Ibrahim Wani (Peace Fellow, 1989-90)
Africa Center for Strategic Studies | "International Adjudication and Other Alternative Modes for Managing International Conflict."

Col. Volney James Warner (Army Peace Fellow, 1996-97)
United States Army | "Peacekeeping in the Balkans."

Zheng Wang (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
Seton Hall University | "Introducing the Field of Conflict Resolution into China."

Keith David Watenpaugh (Senior Fellow, 2008-09)
University of California, Davis | "The Middle East and Human Rights: Mass Violence, Refugees, and the Making of Modern Humanitarianism."

Ruth Wedgwood (Guest Scholar, 2001-02)
Professor, Yale Law School | "Unilateralism and the Use of Force."

Daniel Wegeland (Senior Fellow, 2013-2014)
Special Inspector for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), “The Humble Counterinsurgent: Metrics, Management and Behaviors”

Gabriel Weimann (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Department of Communication, University of Haifa | "Terror on the Internet: The New Arena, the New Challenges."

Marvin Weinbaum (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, University of Illinois | "Markets and Democracy in the Muslim Polity."

Lt. Col. Garland H. Williams (Army Fellow, 2002-03)
United States Army | "Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Peacekeeping Operations: Redefining the Military Role."

Andreas Wimmer (Senior Fellow 2009-10)
University of California, Los Angeles | "Understanding Ethnic Conflict."

Walter Wink (Peace Fellow, 1989-90)
Professor of Biblical Interpretation, Auburn Theological Seminary | "The Effectiveness of Nonviolent Strategies for Social Change, and the Biblical Roots of a Nonviolent Philosophy."

John R. "Jay" Wise (Senior Fellow, 2017-18)
U.S. Department of State | “The Impact of Sensor Technology on Transparency and Escalation Dynamics in India-Pakistan Relations.”

Lawrence Wittner (Senior Fellow, 2001-02)
Professor of History, State University of New York at Albany | "World Nuclear Disarmament Efforts Since 1971 and Their Policy Implications."

Goshu Wolde (Peace Fellow, 1988-90)
Former Foreign Minister of Ethiopia | "Regional Efforts to Reduce Conflicts and Increase Cooperation in the Horn of Africa."

Gadi Wolfsfeld (Senior Fellow, 1998-99)
Department of Communication, Hebrew University of Jerusalem | "Mobilizing the News Media for Peace."

Robin Wright (Senior Fellow, 2010-11)
Journalist | "The Future of Islam."

Xinbo Wu (Senior Fellow 2006-07)
Associate Dean and Professor, School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University | "Managing Crisis and Sustaining Peace between China and the United States."


Oren Yiftachel (Senior Fellow, 2003-04)
Department of Geography, Ben Gurion University | "Spatial Policies and Political (in)Stability: Comparing 'Ethnocratic' Regimes."

Takashi Yoshida (Senior Fellow 2006-07)
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Western Michigan University | "Commemorating Colonialism: A Comparative Analysis of Postwar Japanese Peace Activism and Museums."

David S. Yost (Senior Fellow, 1996-97)
Department of National Security Affairs, Naval Postgraduate School | "NATO Transformed: The Alliance's New Roles in International Security."

Ahmet Yukleyen (Senior Fellow, 2011-12)
Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Croft Institute for International Studies at the University of Mississippi | “Salafism and Radicalization of Muslim Youth in Europe: The Dutch Case.”


William Zartman (Visiting Distinguished Fellow, 1992-93)
Jacob Blaustein Professor of International Organizations and Conflict Resolution and Director of Conflict Management, School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University | "Fairness and Justice in International Negotiations Dealing with Environmental Conflict and Political Terrorism."

Idith Zertal (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
The Hebrew University in Jerusalem | "The Memory of the Holocaust and the Arab-Israeli Conflict."

Igor Zevelev (Senior Fellow, 1997-98)
Professor of Russian Studies, College of International and Security Studies, The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies | "Russia and Its New Diasporas."

John Zhao (Peace Fellow, 1990-91)
School of International Service, American University | "China's Foreign Policy and Its Implications for the Future."

Radwan Ziadeh (Senior Fellow, 2007-08)
Founder and Director, Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies | "Democratic Change in Syria."