From 1986 to today, USIP’s Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship program has supported research, writing and in-house advising on a wide variety of topics related to peace and violent conflict. The program's more than 320 past fellows have studied everything from the influence of Track Two Diplomacy on U.S.-Russia relations to the effects of oil and other natural resources on prospects for peace.

Current Senior Fellows include:

Veronique Dudouet

Véronique Dudouet is Program Director for Conflict Transformation Research at the Berghof Foundation. She joined the Berghof research team in 2005 and has since managed various collaborative research projects on resistance/liberation movements, negotiations and third-party intervention in asymmetric conflicts, inclusive political/security transitions, post-war governance and civil resistance.

She conducts regular policy advice, peer-to-peer advice and training seminars for/with conflict and peacebuilding stakeholders. She also carries out consultancy research for various civil society organizations and international agencies (e.g. UNDP, OECD-DAC, European Parliament/External Action Service, GIZ, NOREF) and serves as Academic Advisor of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict in Washington, D.C.

Her dissertation was completed in 2005 and entitled “Peacemaking and Nonviolent Resistance. A Study of the Complementarity between Conflict Resolution Processes and Nonviolent Intervention, with Special Reference to the Case of Israel-Palestine.” Since that time, she has produced cutting-edge research on both dimensions of conflict transformation.

In her 13 years at Berghof Foundation, she has contributed to advancing conceptual, practical and policy knowledge on inclusive peace processes and post-war transitions, and has also remained deeply engaged in research, teaching and training on nonviolent resistance around the world. Through her consultancy, Veronique has an extensive network within international organizations (such as UNDP, UN DPA, EU Parliament and EEAS, World Bank, OECD-DAC).