How do I apply?

USIP uses the FLUXX online application system to manage all fellowship competitions.

The application includes a two-step process.

1. Registration

All applicants must register for each new competition. If the applicant has previously applied to a grant or fellowship competition, they must re-register by the close of the registration date noted on the RfA.

To register for the Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship competition go to Click the "Register for an Account" button to begin the registration process.

Applicants will receive a registration confirmation email with login credentials within one to two business days.

2. Application

After completing the registration, applicants must submit an application before fellowship competition closes.

  • Open the FLUXX application page
  • Enter the username and password sent in the registration confirmation email.
  • Click "Draft Applications" in the left toolbar to create a blank draft application.
  • Begin entering information in the draft application.
  • Remember to save the application regularly and click "submit" when completed. Inquiries regarding the online application system should be directed to

Who may apply for a Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship?

USIP’s Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship seeks senior experts who will advance thought leadership and research that supports the thematic areas identified in the Request for Applications.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Citizens or permanent residents from any country are eligible to apply. Applicants from countries outside the United States must hold a valid passport and be able to obtain a J-1 visa even if they are currently living in the United States. (Read more information on visas.)
  • Academic candidates must be at the post-doctoral level and have published a book or monograph beyond the Ph.D. dissertation.
  • Practitioners or policymakers with an expert level of professional achievement.
  • Strong speaking and writing proficiency in English, as the Institute values thought leadership through discussion and publications.
  • Individuals may apply to either the USIP Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship or as a part of a team applying to the USIP Grant competition. Individuals may not apply simultaneously to or be a part of both competitions.

What are the deadlines for USIP Fellowship Opportunities?

The deadline dates are outlined in the current RfA. USIP cannot accept any applications that reach the Institute after the stated deadline.

What is USIP’s Fellowship application review process?

Eligible applications undergo a rigorous multi-stage review process involving both USIP experts and external peer reviewers who have expertise on the topic. The recommended applications, including reviewer assessments, are reviewed by USIP’s executive office and the Board of Directors, which make the final decisions on fellowships.

Application criteria are:

  1. Project relevance to the identified issue area and its unique contribution
    How well does the application address the identified “Issue Area?” Does the proposed research address a gap in knowledge about the problem/issue? How is the proposed approach singular and innovative?
  2. Potential to Advance the Peacebuilding Field
    How relevant and important is the application to peacebuilding and conflict prevention? What is the likelihood of this fellowship to affect policy, scholarship or practice?
  3. Merits of Deliverables
    Does the application include proposed publications and reports, and is there a clear plan for dissemination and impact sustainability?
  4. Experience and Expertise
    Does the applicant have preeminent expertise within the Issue Area field specifically? Will the applicant’s qualifications, experience, and expertise ensure a successful project and fulfill the objectives of the Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship?

How long before USIP alerts the finalist?

USIP is committed to thoroughly reviewing all applications as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Applicants are informed of the final decision on fellowship awards generally within six months from the date of the close of the competition.

What types of projects/research are eligible?

A wide variety of projects and research are eligible depending on the specific fellowship opportunity. It is important to carefully review the guidelines in the RfA to which you are submitting an application. Proposed projects and or research that do not clearly relate to RfA will not be considered. All projects must accord with USIP's peace and conflict resolution mission.

How long is the fellowship?

The Fellowship is eight months in duration and the start date is negotiable for either Winter or Spring 2022.

What is the stipend?

Jennings Randolph Senior Fellows receive $11,500 per month. Fellows are responsible for their own health insurance and housing payments. If COVID-19 restrictions are fully lifted, one round-trip ticket to/from Washington, DC will be covered under the terms of the fellowship. USIP reserves the right to determine if the fellowship will be at its headquarters.

Conditions of the award

Jennings Randolph Senior Fellows are embedded in a USIP program and must be devoted full-time to the fellowship. Fellows may not accept a teaching assignment, another residential fellowship, or undertake any other major activities that will affect the work of the fellowship. Fellows are required to give an introductory presentation to USIP staff to discuss their work, and are encouraged to engage with USIP experts and participate in other Institute programming. Additionally, fellows will submit monthly progress reports to their supervisors as well as a final report. USIP expects all fellows to connect and collaborate with the Washington policy community.