Dealing with Conflict and Crisis: International Conflict Management Seminar for Leaders

Monday, June 2, 2003

The Institute, in partnership with the Inter-American Defense College, held a seminar at Ft. McNair, Washington, DC for one hundred senior government officials and military officers, including sixty students of the IADC. Participants came from twenty-eight countries from the Americas including Canada and the US, as well as the Organization of American States.

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Managing International Conflict: Skills Training for Humanitarian and Peace Operations: A Senior Development Seminar

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

The Institute, in partnership with the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS), held a seminar at the US Naval Education and Training Center, Newport, Rhode Island for thirty-five civilian and military participants from ministries of foreign affairs and defense from twenty-two countries.

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Skill Building in Serbia

Sunday, May 4, 2003

As part of a continuing collaboration with the Foreign Ministry of Serbia and Montenegro and the Government of Serbia, the Institute conducted two workshops at the conference center in Palic, near the Hungarian border.

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Women in Haiti

By: Emily Jacobi;  Co-Founder;  Executive Director of Digital Democracy

This report draws on the experiences and lessons learned from Digital Democracy’s work with Haitian women's organizations in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake. With support from the U.S. Institute of Peace, Digital Democracy has conducted trainings for women activists in Haiti on how to use cell phone and other forms of information technology to prevent violence.

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Colombian Women's Ecumenical Peacemaking

The Religion and Peacemaking program at USIP visited Colombia in November 2008 to support a joint-initiative of the Conferencia de Religiosos y Religiosas de Colombia, the organizing body of Catholic men’s and women’s religious orders, and Justapaz, a Menonite organization, to convene a four-day workshop outside of Bogota for Catholic and Protestant women peacemakers. This workshop provided an opportunity for women doing peace work on the ground through their churches to share best practices,...

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