USIP Events

USIP Events podcast

The U.S. Institute of Peace has long distinguished itself as one of Washington, D.C.’s premiere convening organizations, hosting global leaders, policymakers, and practitioners as they offer solutions for the world’s most dangerous conflict zones. Events at USIP brings those discussions to you with same-day audio from USIP events. 


On Peace 

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U.S. Institute of Peace experts discuss the latest foreign policy issues from around the world in this brief weekly collaboration with SiriusXM's POTUS Channel 124. In about 10 minutes, each episode of On Peace distills the most important aspects of a pressing peace and conflict challenge and highlights how the U.S. and international community might respond.


Dispatch from Taiwan

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Dispatch from Taiwan, a podcast by USIP and Taiwan-based Ghost Island Media, delves into the policy debates within Taiwan that could have implications for the region and beyond. Each episode features Taiwanese local experts and voices weighing in on social, economic and defense issues and discusses how Taiwanese society is responding to these challenges.


Culturally Attuned

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How can we work effectively across our world’s cultural divides? USIP and Burning Man Project travel to that frontier, hearing stories and practical lessons for working in unfamiliar cultures. The podcast complements USIP’s online, self-paced course on Cultural Synergy. Both help us cultivate the skills we need to do good work in a diverse world.


Peace Frequency

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The U.S. Institute of Peace seeded the nation’s peace studies programs more than thirty years ago. Today, USIP’s Academy builds on the legacy it helped create by presenting in-depth interviews with ordinary people across the globe who are finding extraordinary new ways to create a world without violent conflict.