Peacebuilding can be learned. 

The USIP Academy provides a wide range of education and training opportunities to fit the needs of any person working to resolve global conflict. Utilizing technology and expert human capital, our mission is to help the global peacebuilding community share knowledge, develop skills, and grow both professionally and personally, in order to better contribute toward building sustainable peace. Since 1997, the USIP Academy has helped more than 65,000 individuals build peace in their communities. 

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Our Approach

Whether working with non-profits, NGOs, humanitarian organizations, intergovernmental bodies, civilian and military government agencies or institutions of higher education, we are guided by a holistic approach.

Student-centered Learning:  All USIP Academy courses, workshops and trainings reflect the principle that all participants have valuable experiences and perspectives to share. Our instructors and trainers facilitate an elicitive learning process that enables students to share with and learn from each other.

Shifting Mindsets:  We believe that opening the mind to new perspectives is one of the most effective ways to change behavior. The USIP Academy prioritizes engaging with and learning from others in conflict-affected areas in an effort to help its students think about conflict in new and diverse ways, therefore changing attitudes and behaviors.

Simulations and Problem-solving Scenarios: USIP Academy tools give participants the opportunity to apply knowledge to real-world contexts and generate a deeper understanding of the content. We draw our lessons from our experience on the ground, giving us confidence that our tools provide tangible benefits to our students.

Localized Conflict Resolution: We believe that sustainable conflict resolution and peacebuilding is best achieved by people directly affected by conflict. USIP Academy education and training leverages the learnings and experiences of community members working on the ground who understand the unique needs of stakeholders in that community.

A Peacebuilding Lens: The USIP Academy brings a peacebuilding lens to all of its education, training and resources whether the focus is on security sector reform, negotiation and mediation, peacekeeping, the military, gender issues, engaging religious actors, non-violent civic action or rule of law.

Focus on Relationships: We believe that conflict transformation must move beyond the mechanics of managing conflict to address the aspirations and relationships of those who will live with the negotiated agreements. At the USIP Academy, building skills that transform relationships and shift perceptions is the foundation of much of our work.

Practitioner Orientation: The USIP Academy prioritizes seasoned and emerging practitioners who work in the U.S. and globally and whose work is in or related to a conflict-affected society. The content for the Academy’s education, training and resources directly reflects the needs of practitioners and the tangible challenges facing conflict-affected societies.

Customized Learning: Each audience is different, and therefore the Academy focuses on the profiles and needs of organizations and individuals when considering what learning experiences make sense for specific audiences.

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We are experts.

Our instructors are leaders in their fields who join academic rigor with frontline experience: peacebuilding and development practitioners, humanitarians, diplomats, economists, soldiers and peacekeepers, and representatives from an array of non-governmental organizations that operate in fragile and conflict-affected areas.

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We are everywhere.

We meet learners of all experience levels wherever they are: on the ground, online and in the classroom. We serve all those working to resolve global conflict.


We are evolving.

Our course offerings and approaches change in parallel with best practices and new technologies and are informed by our learners’ experiences and contributions. We never stop learning from each other.

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We are empowering the global peacebuilding community.

The USIP Academy is built on the idea that peacebuilding can be taught and learned, and that with the right knowledge and resources, advocates for peace around the world have the capacity to create lasting global change. Since 1997, the USIP Academy has helped more than 65,000 individuals build peace in their communities.