For each fellow, this archive lists the fellow's name, the year of their award, the Peace Scholar's university affiliation at the time of the award and the title of their dissertation. Since 2017, USIP has collaborated with the Minerva Research Institute to build on the success of the Peace Scholar program.


Muhammad Omar Afzaal (Omar) (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Brown University | “Picking Your Battles: A Story of Pakistan’s Perceptions."

Bernard Atieme (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
George Mason University | “Politics of the Belly: Why People Engage in Election Violence.”

Brandon Bolte (USIP Peace Scholar Fellow, non-stipendiary)
Penn State University | “Organizing Inter-Insurgent Cooperation.”

Tara Chandra (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of California, Berkeley | “Untangling Dynamics in Civil Conflict: Explaining Insurgent Behavior Toward Civilians.”

Kaitlyn Chriswell (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Harvard University | “Do Criminal Groups Make or Break Citizens?: The Effect of Criminal Organization Presence on Citizen-state Interactions.”

Alex Diamond (USIP Peace Scholar Fellow)
University of Texas at Austin | “An Uncomfortable Peace: Everyday State Formation in Rural Colombia.”

Tonya Dodez (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Indiana University, Bloomington | “Fight or Flight? Explaining Citizen Reactions to Violence in African Elections.”

Thalia Gerzso (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Cornell University | “Judicial Resistance: The Role of Courts in Electoral Disputes.”

Daniel Hirschel-Burns (Danny) (USIP Peace Scholar Fellow)
Yale University | “The Ideological Socialization of Civilians During Civil War.”

Geoffrey Hoffman (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of California, San Diego | “China’s Internet Firms and Global Internet Freedom."

Christine Kindler (USIP Peace Scholar Fellow)
Howard University | “Peace Conversation Circles: Promoting Agonistic Historical Dialogue in Post-Genocide Rwanda.”

Michael Kriner (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Cornell University | “Authoritarians Keeping the Peace? An Analysis of the Impact of Authoritarian Regimes’ Participation in Peace Operations.”

Gabriella Levy (USIP Peace Scholar Fellow)
Duke University | “Variation in Public Responses to Violence Against Civilians."

Manuel Melendez-Sanchez (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Harvard University | “Criminal Electioneering: How and Why Criminal Groups Influence Elections.”

Scott Ross (USIP Peace Scholar Fellow)
George Washington University | “Networks of Protection in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

Sehar Sarah Sikander Shah (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
The Graduate Center, City University of New York | “The Politics of Post-Counterinsurgency Statebuilding in Northwestern Pakistan.”

Drew Stommes (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Yale University | “Armed Political Parties and Their Violence.”

Leyla Tiglay (USIP Peace Scholar Fellow, non-stipendiary)
 Ohio State University | “Nuclear Policy in the Age of Decolonization: French Nuclear Tests in the Sahara, African Peace Mobilization, and the Advent of the Global Nuclear Order 1957-1967."

Priscilla Torres (USIP Peace Scholar Fellow)
Duke University | “Community Dispute Resolution and International Peacebuilding: Competitors or Complementary Actors? Evidence from Liberia and Central Asia.”

Sam Winter-Levy (Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Princeton University | “War by Other Means: The Politics of Proxy Warfare.”


Peyman Asadzade (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Arizona State University | “Diplomatic Support for Protest Movements: Causes, Effectiveness, and Consequences."

Nejla Asimovic (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
New York University | “Growing Closer or Further Apart: Exposure to Social Media in Post-Conflict Societies.”

Hannah Baron (USIP Peace Scholar)
Brown University | “In Pursuit of Justice: Vigilantism, Policing, and Rights in Mexico.”

Zenobia Chan (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Princeton University | “Affluence without Influence? Understanding Positive Economic Statecraft and Influence in International Politics.”

Soha Hammam (USIP Peace Scholar)
Claremont Graduate University | “A Multi-Method Analysis of Civil Resistance Dynamics and Outcomes.”

Jiwon Kim (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Stanford University | “Security, Identity, and Minority Politics: Explaining Ethnic Mobilization in Post-conflict Elections.”

Sumin Lee (USIP Peace Scholar)
Rutgers University | “Gender Justice for Whom: Domestic Accountability for Wartime Sexual Violence.”

Casey Mahoney (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Pennsylvania | “How Friends Fight: International Alliances, Military Technology, and Intra-Alliance Bargaining in the Shadow of Conflict.”

Paula Mantilla-Blanco (USIP Peace Scholar)
Columbia University | “Education through Memory Sites: Youth and the (Im)Possibility of Peace in Colombia.”

Aidan Milliff (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | “Seeking Safety: The Cognitive and Social Foundations of Behavior During Violence.”

Dijana Mujkanovic (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Pittsburgh | “Conflict Prevention and Transformation: A Study of the Effects of Contact between Ethnic Groups in Israel and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Paul Orner (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Southern California | “The Logics of Chinese Strategy: How the PRC Undermines American Security Partnerships.”

Apekshya Prasai (USIP Peace Scholar)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | “Gendered Processes of Civil War: Understanding Women’s Inclusion in Rebel Organizations.”

Faizaan Qayyum (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | “Dis-placemaking: Ethnicization of Afghan lives in Quetta, Pakistan.”

Matt Schissler (USIP Peace Scholar)
University of Michigan | “Histories of Violence and Inter-religious Life in Myanmar.”

Mashal Shabbir (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
American University | “Rebelling Against the Rebellion: Explaining the Magnitude of Insurgent Group Disintegration.”

Aaron Stanley (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
City University of New York | “Local Conceptions and Perceptions of Legitimacy in Post-Conflict States.”

Olivia Woldemikael (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Harvard University | “South-South Migrants, Refugees, and Hosts: Lessons of Tolerance from Uganda and Colombia.”


Dogus Aktan (Peace Scholar)
University of Denver | "Repression Beyond Political Survival: Contentious Mobilizations Against Third Parties."

Elizabeth L. Brannon (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Michigan State University | "The Role of Women in Former Rebel Parties in Post-Conflict Africa."

Alexandra Chinchilla (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Chicago | "Advisors, Aid, and Arms: Limited Intervention in Conflict."

Silvia Danielak (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | "Spatializing Peacebuilding: An Infrastructural Approach to Post-War Violence and Vulnerability in the City."

Yumna Fatima (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
The American University | "Post-Split Violence in Splinter Groups."

Kristin Foringer (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Michigan | "Symbolic Reparations and Collective Memory in Post-Conflict Colombia."

Meghan Garrity (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Pennsylvania | "Disorderly and Inhumane: Explaining 100 Years of Mass Expulsion."

Andrew (Andy) Goodhart (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
The Ohio State University | "Designing International Orders that Endure: How the Thickness of Social Purpose Affects the Durability of Order."

Patrick Hunnicutt (Peace Scholar)
University of California, Santa Barbara | "Services for Stability: How International Aid and Public Services Affect Recovery after Conflict."

Rehan R. Jamil (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Brown University | "Social Policy and Changing Citizenship Boundaries in Pakistan."

Sooyeon Kang (Peace Scholar)
University of Denver | "From Reform to Resignation: Explaining Why Some Protest Movements Escalate Their Demands."

Rabea Kirmani (Peace Scholar)
Georgetown University | "Surviving: How Persecuted Communities Respond to Repression through Migration, Mobilization and Identity Obfuscation."

Dylan Maguire (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Northeastern University | "Strategic Partnerships: The Impact of Ideology on Militia Engagement with External State Support."

Cameron Mailhot (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Cornell University | "Blueprints for Peace: International Missions, Domestic Commitments, and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding Reforms."

Hilary Matfess (Peace Scholar)
Yale University | "Frontlines and Home Front: Women's Wartime Mobilization and Post-Conflict Political Representation."

Ana María Montoya (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Duke University | "Restoring the Rule of Law in the Aftermath of Civil War: The Judicial Enforcement of Land Restitution Orders in Colombia."

Benjamin Naimark-Rowse (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Tufts University | "Bridging Relationships in Pro-Democracy Social Movements."

Paul Olander (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Loyola University Chicago | "Private Military Corporations in Civil Wars."

Nahrain S. Rasho (Peace Scholar)
University of California, Davis | "Ethno-federalism and Subnational Ethnic Conflict: The Consequences of Regional Autonomy on Conflict Among Regional Ethnic Minority Groups."

Daniel R. Thomas (Peace Scholar)
Columbia University | "Conflict and Social Integration: How do Violence and Status Shape Social Behavior?"


Ayda Apa Pomeshikov (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Washington | "The Prophet was a Refugee too: Islamic Humanitarianism and Syrian Refugees' Search for Belonging in Turkey."

Maria Paulina Arango (Peace Scholar)
Florida State University | "The Role of Education in the Reintegration of Ex-combatants in Colombia."

Polina Beliakova (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Tufts University| "Explaining Erosion of Civilian Control: A Policy-focused Theory."

Vincent Bauer (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Stanford University | "Does Doctrine Matter?"

Jason Blessing (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Syracuse University | "Securing Cyberspace: Military Innovation and Cyber Force Structure."

Matthew Cebul (Peace Scholar)
Yale University | "Repression and Rebellion in the Shadow of Foreign Intervention."

Laura Collins (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
George Mason University | "Guns and Prayers: Religious Organizations and Wartime Violence in Central African Republic."

Christina Cottiero (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of California, San Diego | "Staying Alive: The Strategic Use of Regional Integration Organizations by Vulnerable Political Leaders."

Travis Curtice (Peace Scholar)
Emory University | "The Autocrat's Dilemma: The Politics of Policing in Multiethnic Societies."

Sophia Dawkins (Peace Scholar)
Yale University | "Making Peace Safe for Civilians: Violence and Restraint During Elite Peace Negotiations."

Ashley Fabrizio (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Stanford University | "Contingent Radicalization: Government Repression's Differential Effect on Ethnonationalist Mobilization."

Lillian Frost (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
George Washington University | "Beyond Citizenship: Protracted Refugees and the State."

Rob Grace (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Brown University | "Understanding Humanitarian Access Obstruction."

Erum A. Haider (Peace Scholar)
Georgetown University | "Disempowered: Citizenship and Service Delivery in a Global Megacity."

Ramzy Mardini (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
The University of Chicago | "Rebel in Society: Social Networks and the Regeneration of the Islamic State."

Chris Price (Peace Scholar)
Yale University | "Legacies of Conflict: Group Identities and Ethnic Polarization after Civil War."

Noah Rosen (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
American University | "Seizing a Window of Opportunity: Converting a Peace Process into Local Peace."

Megan Ryan (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Michigan | "The Making of an Unlikely Movement: Privilege and Nationalism in a New Democracy."

Andres Uribe (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
The University of Chicago | "Armed Actors, Influence, and Participation in Violent Democracies."

Maro Youssef (Peace Scholar)
The University of Texas, Austin | "Women's Movements During Democratic Transitions: The Case of Tunisia."


Caroline Abadeer (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Stanford University | "Local Governance and the Authoritarian State: The Politics of Urban Planning in the Middle East"

Maria Atuesta (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Harvard University | "From Displacement to Reintegration: How Housing Resettlement Programs Mediate Pathways of Integration for Demobilized and Displaced Populations in Colombia"

Christopher Faulkner (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Central Florida | "The Causes, Dynamics, and Implications of Child Soldiering."

Carl Forsberg (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Texas, Austin | "The Transformation of the US-Middle East Alliance System in the 1970s"

Danielle Gilbert (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar) George Washington University | "The Strategic Logic of Political Kidnapping."

Meg Guliford (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Tufts University | "Presence and Provision: Explaining the Effects of Intervention on Violence Against Civilians."

Nirvikar Jassal (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of California, Berkeley | "Representation in Force: Gender, Ethnicity, and the Modern Indian Police."

Angela Lederach (Peace Scholar)
Notre Dame University | "'Feel the Grass Grow': Practices and Politics of Slow Peace in Colombia."

Shelly Liu (Peace Scholar)
Harvard University | "Resistance and Control: State-building through Rebel-Civilian Relations."

Kristen McLean (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Yale University | "Engendering Change: Fatherhood, Masculinity and Resilience in Post- Conflict Sierra Leone."

Marcia Mundt (Peace Scholar)
University of Massachusetts, Boston | "Participate for Peace: The Impacts of Participatory Deliberative Democracy on Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Central America."

Mollie Pepper (Peace Scholar)
Northeastern University | "'We ethnic women are the solution for the conflict': Gender, Ethnicity, and Power in Burma's Peace Process."

Brandon Sims (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
American University | Explaining Variation in Violent and Nonviolent Tactics: Repression, Learning, and Brokerage."

Alexandra Stark (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Georgetown University | "Gun at a Knife Fight: Regional Power Intervention in Civil Wars in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 1957-2017."

Erik Clinton "Clint" Van Sonnenberg (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of California, Los Angeles | "Accounting for the Peaces: Conflict Justice and Civil War Violence."

Elsa Voytas (Peace Scholar)
Princeton University | "Constructing and Reconstruction Memory: The Micro-Level Impacts of Transitional Justice Policies."

Louis Wasser (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Yale University | "Anti-Regime and Separatist Opposition Strategies: Institutional and Extra- Institutional, Violent and Nonviolent."

Kelly A. Yotebieng (Peace Scholar)
The Ohio State University | "Hope and the Gendered Capacity to Aspire Among Rwandan Urban Refugees in Yaoundé, Cameroon."


Consuelo Amat (Peace Scholar)
Yale University | "The Emergence and Consolidation of Opposition to Authoritarian Rule"

Michael Wilson Becerril (Peace Scholar)
University of California, Santa Cruz | "Gold Mining in Peru: Everyday Violence and the Politics of Attention"

Zinaida Besirevic (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of California, Berkeley | "Equal Rights, Inherent Dignity and the Small Print: How children and adults make moral judgments about violations of Human Rights."

Austin Knuppe (Peace Scholar)
The Ohio State University | "Local Partners for Local Problems: When Does Foreign Security Assistance Undermine Civilian Support."

Roxanne Krystalli (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Tufts University | "We are not good victims:" Hierarchies of Suffering and the Politics of Victimhood in Colombia."

Summer E. Lindsey (Peace Scholar) Columbia University | "Women's Security After War: Protection and Punishment in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo."

Michael Marcusa (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Brown University | "The Radical Ethos: Honor, Status, and the Ghost of History in Tunisia."

Salma Mousa (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Stanford University | "Contact, Conflict, and Social Cohesion."

Kerry Ann Carter Persen (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Stanford University | "The Moderates' Dilemma: Asymmetric Costs and the Case of Islamic Extremism."

Mara Revkin (Peace Scholar)
Yale University | "How Jihadists Become Sovereigns: IS State-Building and State Failure in Iraq and Syria."

Meshack Simati (Peace Scholar)
Georgia State University | "The False Promise of the Judiciary in Reducing Election Violence among African Countries."

Benjamin J. Spatz (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
Tufts University | "Bullets, Banks and Borders: How Targeted Sanctions Can Alter the Political Power Landscape in Sanctioned States."

Alissa Walter (Peace Scholar)
Georgetown University | "The Baath Party in Baghdad: State-Society Relations through Wars, Sanctions, and Authoritarianism."

Frances Yaping Wang (USIP-Minerva Peace and Security Scholar)
University of Virginia | "The Dog that Barks: State Propaganda Campaigns on Territorial Disputes."


Nathaniel Allen
The Johns Hopkins University | "Confronting the Janus Face: The Armed Forces and the Politics of Democratization in Africa."

Elizabeth Dekeyser
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | "Religion, Local Communities, and the State: The Case of Islam in France."

Tyler Jost
Harvard University | "Armies and Influence: Civil-Military Institutions and Interstate Conflict."

Ore Koren 
University of Minnesota | "Hunger Games: Analyzing Relationships Between Food Security and Violence."

Egor Lazarev
Columbia University | "Laws in Conflict: The Politics of Legal Pluralism in Chechnya."

Kunaal Sharma
Columbia University | "Elite Persuasion and Religious Extremism: A Study Among Sunni and Shia Muslims in Northern India."

Rachel Schwartz
University of Wisconsin, Madison | "Constructing the "Parallel" State: Institutional Evolution in Civil War."

Paul Thissen
University of California, Berkeley | "Legacy Institutions and Political Order in Weak States."


Noel Anderson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | "Competitive Intervention and its Consequences for Civil Wars."

McKenzie Johnson
Duke University | "Low Politics Peace: Environmental Governance as an Instrument for Peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and Ghana."

Christina Kim
The New School | "Rethinking the "Hermit Kingdom": Emerging Relations with North Korea from the Ground Up in Dandong, China."

Adam Lichtenheld
University of California, Berkeley |"Forced Displacement, Counterinsurgency, and State-building in Civil Wars."

Stephanie Schwartz
Columbia University | "Homeward Bound: Return Migration after Civil War."

Lauren Young
Columbia University | "Where does Intimidation Work? The Psychology of Repression and Collective Action."


Grant Gordon
Columbia University | "Monitoring Conflict to Deter Violence."

Diana Greenwald
University of Michigan | "From Resistance Movement to Ruling Party: The Effect of Conflict Legacies on the Fiscal Performance of New States."

Pellumb Kelmendi
Brown University | "When Rebels become Politicians: The Transformation of Rebel Organizations into Political Parties and their Performance in Post-War Elections."

Faith Okpotor
University of Delaware | "Electing Violence: Explaining Post-Election Violence in Africa."

Jonathan E. Shaw 
University of Michigan | "Always Kadogo: The Mobilization of Children in Conflict and the Legacies of Social Marginalization in North Kivu, Congo (DRC), 1959-2003."


Zubin Adrianvala
University of Maryland, College Park | "The Ethnic Community: Urban Form, Peace, Conflict, and Violence in Urban India."

Maria Aguilar
Tulane University | "Policing 'Subversives' and Citizens: Reorganization and transformations of the Guatemalan National Police, 1944-1985."

Casey Ehrlich
University of Wisconsin, Madison | "Grassroots Peace: Village-level Reconstruction in Colombia."

Alex Fattal
Harvard University | "Guerrilla Marketing: Information War and the Demobilization of FARC Rebels."

Chelsea Johnson
University of California, Berkeley | "Implementing Peace: Power Sharing in Post-Conflict Societies."

Roudabeh Kishi
University of Maryland, College Park | "Does Foreign Aid Lead to Armed Civil Conflict? Examining Aid Dependency and Ethnic Exclusion."

Kathleen Klaus
University of Wisconsin, Madison | "Claiming Land: Institutions, Narratives, and Political Violence in Kenya."

Andy Levin
University of Pennsylvania | "Vulnerable Spaces: Explaining Sub-National Peacekeeping Outcomes in Civil War."

Daniel Nerenberg
George Washington University | "Cooperating with the Enemy: Leadership Dynamics and the Sifting Definition of 'Betrayal' in the Palestinian National Movement, 1967-2012."


Michelle Bellino
Harvard University | "Memory in Transition: Historical Consciousness and Civic Attitudes among Youth in 'Post-War' Guatemala."

Yelena Biberman
Brown University | "Gambling with Violence? Why States Outsource the Use of Force to Extremist Non-State Actors."

Daniel Blocq
University of Wisconsin - Madison | "Formation of Armed Self-Defense Groups."

D'Arcy Brissman
Duke University | "Democracy by Drill and Harrow": Haitian Civil- Military Relations and U.S. Occupation, 1915-1934."

Michael Broache
Columbia University | "International Criminal Court Interventions in Ongoing Conflict."

Steven Brooke
University of Texas | "Clients of Islam: Islamist Groups and the Politics of Social Service Provision in the Middle East."

Brett Carter
Harvard University | "Inside Autocracy."

Julia Choucair Vizoso
Yale University | "The Ties that Bind: Ethnic Exclusion in Authoritarian Regimes."

Emma Hayward
University of Pennsylvania | "Legal Pluralism and Group Rights: States and the Devolution of Judicial Power."

Milli Lake
University of Washington | "Politics of Punishment: Combating Mass Rape in South Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo."

Michael Weintraub
Georgetown University | "Causes and Consequences of Rebel Alliances in Civil War."


Tyson Belanger (Peace Scholar, Non-Stipendiary)
Harvard University | The Power of Promises: A Strategic Advantage for Democracies?

Ahsan Butt (Peace Scholar)
The University of Chicago | "Goodbye or See You Later? Why States Fight Some Secessionists But Not Others."

Erik Cleven (Peace Scholar)
Purdue University | "Elites, Youth and Informal Networks: Explaining Ethnic Violence in Kenya and Kosovo."

Christopher Day (Peace Scholar)
Northwestern University | "The Fates of Rebels: The Politics of Insurgency Survival and Demise."

Angelica Duran-Martinez (Peace Scholar)
Brown University | "Criminals, Cops and Politicians: The Dynamics of Drug Violence in Colombia and Mexico."

Keren Fraiman (Peace Scholar)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | "Not in Your Backyard: Coercion, Base States and Violent Non-State Actors."

Sheena Chestnut Greitens (Peace Scholar)
Harvard University | "Inside the Secret Police: Explaining Patterns of State Violence Under Authoritarianism."

Kevan Harris (Peace Scholar)
The Johns Hopkins University | "The Martyrs' Welfare State: The Politics of Social Policy in the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Marina Henke (Peace Scholar)
Princeton University | "International Security and the Politics of Interdependence."

Kimberly Howe (Peace Scholar)
Tufts University | "What Kind of Peace? Violence Transformation in Contemporary Colombia."

Reyko Huang (Peace Scholar)
Columbia University | "The Wartime Origins of Postwar Democratization."

Jennifer Keister
University of California, San Diego | "States Within States: The Social Contracts of Armed Groups."

Dacil Keo
University of Wisconsin, Madison | "Local Dynamics of Genocide: Autonomy, Institutions and the Chains of Power."

Micah Lebson
University of Maryland, College Park | "Why Refugees Rebel: When do Refugees Militarize Against their Country of Origin?"

Louisa Lombard
Duke University | "Raiding Sovereignty in Central African Borderlands."

Melissa McAdam
University of California, Berkeley | "Reforming the Police in High Stakes State-Building."

Javier Osorio
University of Notre Dame | "Hobbes on Drugs: Understanding Drug Violence in Mexico."

Jonathan Pearl (Peace Scholar, Non-Stipendiary)
University of Maryland, College Park | "Sharing the Keys to the Vault: Explaining Sensitive Nuclear Cooperation with Non-Nuclear States."

Andrew Radin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | "Politics as War by Other Means: The Effectiveness of State-Building under Foreign Administration."

Jonathan Renshon (Peace Scholar, Non-Stipendiary)
Harvard University | "Fighting for Status: Prestige Motivations and Conflict in World Politics."

Hesham Sallam
Georgetown University | "Indispensable Arbiter: Islamists, Economic Reform and Authoritarian Rule in the Arab World."

Joshua White
The Johns Hopkins University | "Conflicted Islamists: Shariah and Anti-State Agitation Among Pakistani Islamist Parties."


Xanthe Ackerman
Tufts University | "After War in Africa: Can the Education Sector by Harnessed to Prevent a Return to Conflict? Case Study on Uganda with perspectives from South Sudan and Liberia."

Louis-Alexandre Berg
Georgetown University | "From Patronage to Public Good: The Political Economy of Post-Conflict Security Sector Reform."

Paola Castano-Rodriguez
The University of Chicago | "'The Time of the Victims': Institutional Practices and Understanding of Violence in the National Commission of Reparation and Reconciliation in Colombia."

Benjamin Coates
Columbia University | "Trans-Atlantic Advocates: American International Law and U.S. Foreign Relations, 1898-1919."

Neerada Jacob (Peace Scholar)
American University | "Sanctions as a Cause of Nuclear Reversal: (When) Do They Work?"

Patrick Johnston (Peace Scholar)
Northwestern University | "The Treatment of Civilians in Effective Counterinsurgency Operations."

Janet Lewis (Peace Scholar)
Harvard University | "Ending Conflict Early: Incipient States of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency."

James Long
University of California, San Diego | "Voting, Fraud and Violence: The Problem Elections in Emerging Democracies."

Tanya "Negeen" Pegahi
The University of Chicago | "Dangerous Deterrent? Evaluating the Risk that Nuclear Acquisition will Embolden Weak States."

Benjamin Schonthal
The University of Chicago | "Public Buddhism? Religion, Conflict and the State of Sri Lanka."

Paul Staniland
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | "Explaining Cohesion, Fragmentation and Control in Armed Groups."

Lorenzo Vidino
Tufts University | "Soft Approaches to Counterterrorism: Counter Radicalization in Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Italy."


Michael Beevers
University of Maryland, College Park | "Environmental and Natural Resources Governance: A Missing Link for Post-Conflict Peacebuilding."

Ivelina Borisova
Harvard University | "Child Soldiers Coming Home from War: Family and Caregiver Impact on Psychosocial Reintegration and Adjustment."

Susanna Campbell
Tufts University | "Organizational Barriers to Peace: Pathologies of International Peacebuilding."

Dara Cohen
Stanford University | "Understanding Sexual Violence During Civil War: Evidence from Sierra Leone, Timor Leste and El Salvador."

Daniel Fahey
University of California, Berkeley | "Armed Conflict and Post-Conflict Development in Uganda."

Amelia Hoover
Yale University | "Repertoire of Violence against Noncombatants: The Role of Armed Group Institutions and Ideologies."

Dipali Mukhopadhyay
Tufts University | "Warlord as Governor? State-building in Afghanistan, 2001 to Present."

Anoop Sarbahi
University of California, Los Angeles | "Organizational Character of Rebel Movements and the Dynamics of Civil Wars."

David Siroky
Duke University | "Secession and Survival."

Sarah Zuckerman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | "Achieving Post- War Peace: The Internal Politics of Colombia's Demilitarizing Paramilitary Groups."


Fodei Joseph Batty
Western Michigan University | "What Role for Ethnicity? Political Mobilization in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone and Liberia."

Anika Binnendijk
Tufts University | "Holding Fire: Security Force Allegiance During Nonviolent Uprisings."

Ryan Burgess
Columbia University | "A Psychosocial Analysis of Formal and Nonformal Education Approaches for Displaced, Violence-Affected Children in Colombia."

Martha Clark
Cornell University | "In the Company of Soldiers: Private Security Companies' Impact on Military Effectiveness."

Mark Geraghty
The University of Chicago | "An Ethnographic Investigation of Genocide Ideology in Rwanda."

Erin Kimball
Northwestern University | "Strategic Causes of Collective Action: Regional Peacekeeping in Africa."

Ned Lazarus
American University | "Evaluating the North American Generation of Israeli-Palestinian Encounters."

Shivaji Mukherjee
Yale University | "Low Intensity Long Duration Conflicts: The Maoist Insurgency in India."

Stacie Pettyjohn 
University of Virginia | "Talking with Terrorists: American Policy Toward the ANC, PLO, Sinn Fein, and Hamas."

Amber Ussery
University of Arizona | "Possibilities and Pitfalls: Examining the Emergence of Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies."


Nida Alahmad
The New School | "Survival of a State: Looking Inside the Boundaries of the Iraqi Ba'thist State."

Naazneen Barma
University of California, Berkeley | "Shared Sovereignty: Building Democracy and Reconstructing State Capacity in Post-conflict Nation-States."

Catherine Bolten
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | "Post-war Identity and the Historical Imagination in Northern Sierra Leone."

Tatiana Carayannis
The City University of New York | "Hybrid Wars, Conflict Networks, and Multilateral Responses: The Congo Wars, 1996-2004."

Philip Hammack
The University of Chicago | "Identity and the Cultural Psychology of Adolescence: Life Stories of Israeli and Palestinian Youth."

Terence Lee
University of Washington | "The Causes of Military Insubordination: Explaining Military Organizational Behavior in China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand."

Tova Norlen
The Johns Hopkins University | "Sacred Stones and Religious Nuts: Resolving Conflicts over Absolute Sacred Space."

Wendy Pearlman
Harvard University | "Why Violence? Explaining Patterns in Palestinian Use of Force During the Second Intifada."

Isaias Rojas-Perez
The Johns Hopkins University | "Law, National Reconciliation and Social Repair in Post-war Peru."

Jelena Subotic 
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