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USIP is America’s nonpartisan institute to promote national security and global stability by reducing violent conflicts abroad. Our staff guide peace talks and advise governments; train police and religious leaders; and support community groups opposing extremism—all to help troubled countries solve their own conflicts peacefully.

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USIP works in 51 countries facing warfare and extremism, from Iraq and Afghanistan to Burma and Nigeria. On any given day, our staff work with partners in prime ministers’ offices and parliaments—and in refugee camps and community centers—building peaceful solutions to bloodshed.

Where We Work
Displaced people in the village of Wau Shilluk, along the Nile River, South Sudan. Photo courtesy of Tyler Hicks/The New York Times.


South Sudan: From Independence to Civil War

Thursday, July 19 | 10:00am - 11:30am

South Sudan’s civil war is one of the most brutal and destructive conflicts of the 21st century. Could the war have been prevented? Could some of the atrocities and misery caused by the war have been avoided? Join is for a discussion on what lessons should be learned from U.S. policy toward South Sudan in the years leading up to and during the civil war.