The Insights newsletter is a new USIP publication that highlights the intersection between theory and practice in the peacebuilding field on a quarterly basis.

As a relatively recent practice in international politics, peacebuilding constantly evolves through lessons learned, new technological developments and the changing nature of violent conflict. This new USIP publication will raise critical questions on a select peacebuilding field or practice, such as mediation, the prevention of electoral violence or the role of technology in conflict mitigation. The newsletter will chal­lenge and refine major assumptions about the theory and practice of peacebuilding, and contribute to the design of specific peacebuilding tools applicable in conflict situations worldwide.

Each issue will feature contributions by conflict analysts from the national and international policymaking, academic and practitioner communities. Insights will foster exchanges between academics and practitioners to further public understanding of peacebuilding efforts, and create new thinking on the practitioner’s toolkit of international responses to violent conflict. Guest contributors will address conceptual hurdles, and closely examine how peacebuilding concepts are put into practice. Additionally, the newsletter will feature concrete examples of peacebuilding practices in the field.

This first edition of Insights is dedicated to Countering Violent Extremism or CVE as a field of theory relevant to peacebuilding practice. This spring issue features an introduction to CVE’s “State of the Art” by USIP’s Steven Heydemann and Naureen Chowdhury Fink from the Global Center on Cooperative Security, a PeaceArena discussion between Dr. John Horgan and Tom Parker, and case studies illustrating the practice of CVE in Pakistan and Nigeria.

In this Issue

  • State of the Art:
    • Countering Violent Extremism as a Field of Practice
    • Something Old, Something New
  • Peace Arena: CVE Theory vs. Practice
    • With Tom Parker and Dr. John Horgan
  • In Practice
    • CVE In Nigeria and Pakistan

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To Stabilize Iraq After ISIS, Help Iraqis Reconcile

To Stabilize Iraq After ISIS, Help Iraqis Reconcile

Sunday, February 11, 2018

By: USIP Staff; Nancy Lindborg; Sarhang Hamasaeed

An international conference opens in Kuwait Monday to plan ways to rebuild Iraq and secure it against renewed extremist violence following the three-year war against ISIS. A USIP team just spent nine days in Iraq for talks with government and civil society leaders, part of the Institute’s years-long effort to help the country stabilize. The Kuwait conference will gather government, business and civil society leaders to consider a reconstruction that Iraq has said could cost $100 billion. USIP’s president, Nancy Lindborg, and Middle East program director, Sarhang Hamasaeed, say any realistic rebuilding plan must focus also on the divisions and grievances in Iraq that led to ISIS’ violence and that still exist.

Conflict Analysis & Prevention; Violent Extremism

A New U.S. Strategy Will Keep American Troops in Syria

A New U.S. Strategy Will Keep American Troops in Syria

Thursday, January 18, 2018

By: USIP Staff; Mona Yacoubian

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has outlined a new Syria strategy for the Trump administration that includes an extended U.S. troop presence. Tillerson spoke days after Turkey, a NATO ally, denounced a U.S. plan to create a Border Security Force in Syria composed heavily of ethnic Kurds. Mona Yacoubian, a longtime analyst and policy specialist on Syria and the Middle East, discusses the implications of these developments.

Conflict Analysis & Prevention

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