Below are links by topical categories to resources primarily in English providing information on constitution-making processes and the role of public participation.

These links complement the following Institute Special Reports: (1) Democratic Constitution Making, and (2) Iraq's Constitutional Process: Shaping a Vision for the Country's Future.

These links also support the work of the Institute's Rule of Law Program and its project on Constitution-Making, Peacebuilding, and National Reconciliation. Related Congressional testimony from Program Director Neil Kritz looks at Constitution-Making Process: Lessons for Iraq.

General Resources

The sites below collect links to the texts of national constitutions as well as related documents, such as charters, amendments and analysis.

National Constitutional Assemblies


South Africa

  • Constitutional Assembly Database
    "A searchable database of submissions, reports and law during the government transition. The material on the database covers the period 1992 to end 1994."

Non-Governmental Organizations and Constitutional Studies

Selected Documents and Decisions

Updated: April 9, 2007