A Peace Club is a great way for students to turn commitment into action. It can help you connect and organize with others interested in peace. It’s a framework that promotes learning about peace and gaining skills to deal with conflict; and then putting those elements together to find ways to take action to make the world a better place.

Peace Clubs have no set form and the resources below provide an adaptable framework that can be creatively modified: it is specific enough to compare experiences between Peace Clubs, but broad enough to be flexible to the needs of individual schools and communities.

Once you’ve organized a Peace Club, let us know!  USIP can then recognize your efforts and let others know about your great initiative!

Peace Club Starter Kit

Centered around three pillars – Get Organized! Get Active! Get the Word Out! – the Peace Club Starter Kit is your go-to resource for launching a group locally. It includes questions to frame the purpose of the group, highlights key resources from across the USIP Web site, and includes suggestions for promotion.

Ideas for Action

Here you will find a compilation of ideas to inspire young people to take action for peace.

Peace Clubs in Action

Find out about young people across the country who are working together to make positive change in their communities, inspired by the Peace Club Starter Kit and other USIP resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs on Peace Clubs that address questions we have received from other students.