The Peace Club Starter Kit provides an adaptable framework that can be creatively modified: it is specific enough that Peace Clubs can compare their experiences, but broad enough to be flexible to the needs of a range of schools and communities. Sometimes that flexibility has led to questions from students, such as those listed below. If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please reach out to us. 

Why start a Peace Club?

A Peace Club is a great way to make a difference. It can help you to connect with others who share your interests. You can learn more about peace and gain skills to deal with conflict. You can also find ways to take action to make the world a better place.

I am already part of a club with a similar mission, but different name. Can we be considered a Peace Club?

Yes! The key element is not the name, but the mission. If you are already working on building peace in your school or community, you may indeed qualify to be counted as a Peace Club. Let us know!

What does a Peace Club do?

The short answer is that the activities of a Peace Club are driven by its members—from fundraising for a local community effort, to holding dialogue about a conflict, to hosting an event with a speaker from a conflict zone. For a starter-list of ideas, check out these ideas for action*. If you are interested in connecting with USIP, we may be able to assist you in suggesting other ideas or resources, or in connecting you with other Peace Clubs around the world!

What if I don’t know too much about peace and conflict? Can I still start a club?

Yes, of course! Mother Teresa once said, “Peace begins with a smile.” You do not need to be an expert in peace and conflict; in fact, starting a club will help you and your members learn more about peacebuilding. Explore to learn more about peacebuilding and conflict around our world and the Peacebuilding Toolkit for Educators* to start learning peacebuilding skills.

Would my Peace Club be an official USIP partner? Are we allowed to use USIP’s logo on t-shirts or other advertisements?

No. Peace Clubs are entirely independent activities, initiated by students in their own contexts, and bearing no formal relationship with USIP. As a Peace Club, you can use USIP resources on this Web site, and you are welcome to be in contact with our public education program, but there is no formal affiliation between the club and USIP. We offer a loose relationship so that Peace Clubs are not restricted in the action they can take in their communities. USIP logos are USIP property and may not be used on t-shirts or for other advertisement purposes.

Do we need to register with the U.S. Institute of Peace?

No. Again, Peace Clubs are entirely independent activities, with no formal relationship with USIP. However, we would love to be updated and hear about all of the great things your club will be doing throughout the school year! And we are here as a resource if you need advice or inspiration.

Beyond the Peace Club Starter Kit, what resources does USIP provide to Peace Clubs?

USIP can help guide and support your Peace Club in a variety of ways—from helping to arrange a virtual conversation with a USIP expert, to highlighting inspiring stories about peacebuilders, to potential discussion topics on our blog, The Olive BranchContact the public education program to see what might work for your group.

Can my club come to USIP?

Yes! If you are based in our area, or planning to be here for a visit, just fill out our visit request form so that we can consider your request. And if the schedule permits, your club can come for an onsite educational program at USIP headquarters.