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You may download the complete Peacebuilding Toolkit for Educators, High School Edition (PDF, 1.77 MB) or by section or lesson below.

See how the Peacebuilding Toolkit aligns with the Common Core Standards

  • Introduction Download Section (PDF, 145 KB)
    • About the Peacebuilding Toolkit for Educators
    • Guidelines for Teaching about Global Peacebuilding
    • About USIP
  • Section 1: Conflict is an inherent part of the human condition. - Download Section (PDF, 258 KB)
  • Section 3: There are many ways to be a peacebuilder. - Download Section (PDF, 247 KB)
    • Lesson 3.1 What Does It Take to Be a Peacebuilder? - Download Lesson (PDF, 174 KB)
    • Lesson 3.2 Organizations Working for Peace - Download Lesson (PDF, 118 KB)
    • Lesson 3.3 Becoming a Peacebuilder Parts 1 and 2 - Download Lesson (PDF, 137 KB)
  • Appendix: Feedback Form - Download (PDF, 69 KB) or you may submit your feedback via email at
  • About the Contributors - Download (PDF, 74 KB)

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