Katia Cavigelli is a senior program specialist in the Africa Center at USIP. Her work at the Institute focuses on women’s roles in preventing violent extremism programming and peace and conflict in the Sahel region.

She joined USIP from the National Democratic Institute’s Central and West Africa team. Cavigelli previously held internships focusing on U.S.-Africa policy oversight at the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Congressional Research Service and the Africa program at the Wilson Center.

Cavigelli has a bachelor’s degree in government and politics, with a concentration in conflict management, and French from the University of Maryland.

Publications By Katia

For Peace in Sahel, African and U.S. Experts Urge Focused Partnership

For Peace in Sahel, African and U.S. Experts Urge Focused Partnership

Thursday, February 22, 2024

The past month has sharpened a decade-old question for U.S. and international policymakers: How best, in 2024, to help stabilize what is now the world’s largest single zone of military rule and violent conflicts — Africa’s Sahel region? After three military-ruled Sahel states withdrew from the West African regional community in January, those juntas last week proclaimed an alliance aimed at resisting international pressures, including those for their return to elected civilian rule. Former U.S. and African officials yesterday urged what they called vital changes in U.S. and allied policies to prevent a dangerous spread of the Sahel’s crises.

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