The annual Peace Day Challenge is an opportunity to honor the International Day of Peace and to inspire people everywhere to view peace as practical and possible. It is all about turning September 21 into a day of action, focused on building peace through real-life activities and sharing them on social media with the hashtag #PeaceDayChallenge.

Get Involved

The materials in this kit can help you promote your efforts to recognize the International Day of Peace by connecting your work to thousands of other #PeaceDayChallenge actions around the world. Check out some suggestions below.

  • Head to to get ideas for action.
  • Spread the word to your networks by talking about what you will do on the International Day of Peace using the hashtag #PeaceDayChallenge.
  • Share your #PeaceDayChallenge on Instagram! Use one of our Peace Day gifs in your story by searching for a “USIP” sticker, add your photo to our Peace Day Challenge sticker or remix one of our reels.
  • Write down what peace means to you, or how you plan to take up the #PeaceDayChallenge, on our printable sign. Then, take a photo with your sign and share it on social media.
  • Encourage your friends and colleagues to participate by sharing our #PeaceDayChallenge graphics, or create your own.
  • In your posts, be sure to tag specific people or groups you’re encouraging so they can see and share it.
  • Tag @usinstituteofpeace on Facebook, @USIP on Twitter, and @usipeace on Instagram so we can share!
  • Ask your followers to take an action for the #PeaceDayChallenge and share it.

Sample Posts

Here are a few sample messages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Don’t forget to include a photo and the hashtag #PeaceDayChallenge!

Before September 21:

  • English: The International Day of Peace is just around the corner! Will you commit to take the #PeaceDayChallenge this year?
  • English: We all have a role to play in building peace. What will you do for this year’s #PeaceDayChallenge?
  • English: To me, peace is [XXXXX]. Join the 2023 #PeaceDayChallenge and share what peace means to you:
  • English: I’m taking the #PeaceDayChallenge this year and I’m encouraging [@XXXXX] and [@XXXXX] to join me:
  • Spanish: El Día Internacional de la Paz se acerca! ¿Vas a hacer una cosa por la paz? #PeaceDayChallenge
  • French: La Journée Internationale de la Paix approche à grands pas ! Vous engagerez-vous à relever le défi de la journée de la paix cette année ? #PeaceDayChallenge
  • Arabic:  اليوم الدولي للسلام على مقربة! هل ستقوم بفعل شيء واحد من أجل السلام؟ #PeaceDayChallenge

On September 21, The International Day of Peace:

  • English: We’re doing [XXXXXX] for the 2023 #PeaceDayChallenge! Learn more: #PeaceDay
  • English: Today, join us in taking the #PeaceDayChallenge by [XXXXXX]: #PeaceDay
  • English: We all have a role to play in building peace. Today, we’re participating in the 2023 #PeaceDayChallenge—how will you take action for peace?
  • English: Today is International #PeaceDay! Join me in taking the #PeaceDayChallenge by sharing what peace means to you:
  • Spanish: La paz es un reto que todos debemos aceptar. Únete hoy con nosotros en #PeaceDayChallenge #PeaceDay
  • French: Nous avons tous un rôle à jouer dans l’ édification de la paix. Aujourd'hui, nous participons au défi de la Journée de la paix 2023. Comment agirez-vous pour la paix ? #PeaceDayChallenge #PeaceDay
  • Arabic:  الوصول للسلام هو تحدي علينا جميعاً أن نتقبله. اليوم شاركونا في تحدِ يوم السلام  #PeaceDayChallenge #PeaceDay

Shareable Graphics

To download the shareable graphics, click on an image below.