The annual Peace Day Challenge is an opportunity to honor the International Day of Peace and to inspire people everywhere to view peace as practical and possible. It is all about turning September 21 into a day of action, focused on building peace through real-life activities and sharing on social media at #PeaceDayChallenge.

For some of us, peace may feel further away right now than ever. That’s why this year’s Peace Day Challenge campaign focuses on "Profiles in Peacebuilding" — elevating real stories of hope and resilience from individual peacebuilders everywhere and honoring the inspiration they provide to all of us amid so much uncertainty.

Over the next few weeks, USIP will be sharing stories of peacebuilders from across our network—and we invite you to join us! Share stories, quotes, photos, videos and other resources about the peacebuilders who motivate your work with the hashtag #PeaceDayChallenge or brainstorm other ideas for action in your home, community and beyond.

Here are a few sample messages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks:

  • English: The International Day of Peace is just around the corner! Will you commit to take the #PeaceDayChallenge this year?
  • English: For my #PeaceDayChallenge, I’m highlighting @[peacebuilder_name]—a peacebuilder who motivates me with their courage and compassion. Who inspires you?
  • English: This [photo/story/quote/video] [by/from/of] [peacebuilder name] really inspires me to build peace. #PeaceDayChallenge
  • English: I asked my [students/friends/family] to take the #PeaceDayChallenge by sharing their peacebuilding heroes! Here’s what they had to say: [tweet thread, videos, etc.]
  • English: After reading about [peacebuilder]’s amazing work in [location], I was inspired to take action for peace. How will you take the #PeaceDayChallenge?
  • French: Qu’est ce qui vous inspire a devenir un artisan de paix? #PeaceDayChallenge
  • Spanish: ¿Quién te inspira a construir paz? #PeaceDayChallenge

Here are some other tips and tricks you can use:

  • Spread the word to your networks using the hashtag #PeaceDayChallenge and encourage them to elevate individual peacebuilders that matter to them.
  • Take an action for peace and share a photo of it with #PeaceDayChallenge.
  • Ask your followers to take an action for the #PeaceDayChallenge and share it.
  • Encourage your friends and colleagues to participate by sharing our #PeaceDayChallenge graphics, or create your own.
  • In your post, be sure to tag individual peacebuilders and others you are encouraging to take up the challenge so they can see and share it.
  • Tag @usinstituteofpeace on Facebook, @USIP on Twitter, and @usipeace on Instagram so we can share.
  • Keep the conversation about peace going after September 21!

Shareable Graphics