Every institution, individual, and situation is different, and the challenges faced in conflict-affected communities are diverse and complicated. The USIP Academy delivers customized learning experiences for individuals and organizations so that they can thrive and make peace possible.

The USIP Academy applies its vast education and training expertise to meet the specific needs of each audience we educate. We forge long-term relationships with participants to develop complete and uniquely-designed learning experiences that use examples, cases and exercises that reflect the real-life challenges the those participants have faced.

Examples Customized Learning Experiences

  1. Exercises that replicate specific conflict scenarios:  Our educational activities enable learners to apply tools and skills to real-life challenges while garnering useful assessment and feedback to be put to use in future situations
  2. Communities of Learning: USIP Academy education and training opportunities encourage participants to continuously engage with and learn from one another.
  3. Training of Trainers: The Academy trains cohorts of trainers in conflict-affected societies, allowing those individuals to help others acquire and practice conflict management, leadership and facilitation skills in order to help build peace and resolve co