Organizations around the world work diligently every day to resolve conflict and promote peace in their communities. The USIP Academy is proud to partner with non-profit, governmental, academic, military and international organizations and agencies to provide customized trainings that help these groups do their important work even better.


The Academy’s partnerships help organizations to establish conflict transformation and peacebuilding practices that enhance their institutional methodology and help them meet their goals. Our partnerships with esteemed organizations around the world are critical to the development and strength of the Academy’s ever-growing global learning network. Academy instructors learn from our partner organizations and incorporate that knowledge and expertise into future trainings and workshops. As our partnerships around the world continue to deepen and flourish, so do the opportunities for our participants as part of our global learning community.  

The Academy partners in one of three ways

  1. Developing and delivering customized conflict transformation curriculum to an organizational audience.
  2. Co-creating courses, trainings and/or workshops that leverage the Academy’s vast expertise with a partner’s thematic and/or geographic interests.
  3. Licensing USIP Academy curriculum to an organization or institution for use by their audiences.