View the Congressional hearings and the press conference at which the Commission's report was released

Former Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher and James R. Schlesinger talk in the House Armed Services Committee hearing room. (Credit: USIP Photo/Keith Mellnick)Congressional Hearings

Dr. William J. Perry, and Dr. James Schlesinger testified on May 6, 2009 before the House Armed Services Committee on the Commission’s final report.

Watch the House committee’s webcast video.

On May 7, 2009, Dr. Perry and Dr. Schlesinger testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Watch the Senate committee’s webcast of the hearing.

Press Conference

USIP hosted a press conference on May 6, 2009 to roll-out the final report of the Commission.  USIP President, Dr. Richard H. Solomon introduced the Commission, and was followed by statements by Drs. Perry and Schlesinger.

Watch Dr. Richard Solomon's introductory remarks.

Watch Dr. Perry's remarks.

Watch Dr. Schlesinger's remarks.

Listen to an audio recording of this event.