Report on America's Strategic Posture

Twenty years after the end of the Cold War, nuclear weapons are once again at the forefront of international affairs as events from far-flung regions of the world ramp up the debate on the objectives and direction of America’s strategic posture.  In May 2009, the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States, led by Chairman William Perry and Vice Chairman James Schlesinger, presented its final report to the president and Congress. As a companion volume to the final report, “In the Eyes of the Experts: Analysis and Comments on America’s Strategic Posture” is a collection of papers and ideas that commission experts submitted to the commissioners over their many months of deliberation. This team of experts has extensive knowledge of national security, defense policy, nuclear engineering, nuclear arms control and nonproliferation, and intelligence. Their papers provided comprehensive and thoughtful analysis to the commissioners on pressing matters of national and international concern.
To better inform the public discussion of America’s strategic posture, this timely compilation offers an in-depth view into the material presented to the commission as it formed its conclusions. A guide for the expert and layman alike, “In the Eyes of the Experts” explores the gamut of strategic issues, including deterrence, strategic infrastructure, arms control and nonproliferation, that will shape the discussions and decisions of America’s leadership.

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