USIP's Lessons Learned program captures the experiences of US military and civilian officials returning from work in Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

USIP’s Lessons Learned efforts are designed to collect, analyze, and distribute lessons learned from U.S. government officials, military officers, contractors, and representatives of international and non-governmental organizations who have served in peace and stability operations.  USIP has conducted studies of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the peace process in Sudan.  Transcripts of interviews from these studies are made available to the public (see the “Resources and Tools” section).  These transcripts and our published reports contribute to U.S. capacity to conduct effective peace and stability operations.

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What Does Sudan’s New Cabinet Mean for its Transition?

What Does Sudan’s New Cabinet Mean for its Transition?

Monday, February 8, 2021

By: Joseph Tucker

The announcement on February 8 of a new Cabinet in Khartoum—the product of a peace accord signed by Sudan’s transitional government with several armed groups in October 2020 through a deal brokered by South Sudan—offers hope that the broader inclusion of political leaders can help address Sudan’s pressing challenges and create peace dividends. Unfortunately, the lengthy process of selecting new Cabinet members revealed additional fractures among both signatories to the peace deal and civilian political elements that seemingly offer competing visions for the transition and beyond.

Type: Analysis and Commentary

Democracy & Governance

How Art Helped Propel Sudan’s Revolution

How Art Helped Propel Sudan’s Revolution

Thursday, November 12, 2020

By: Elizabeth Murray

During Sudan’s 2019 revolution—as people mobilized across the country with tactics including sit-ins, marches, boycotts, and strikes—artists helped capture the country’s discontent and solidify protesters’ resolve. In particular, artists became an integral part of the months-long sit-in at the military headquarters in Khartoum, which was known as the heart of the revolution until it was violently dispersed by paramilitary forces on June 3, 2019. This immense expression of creativity was both a result of loosening restrictions on freedom of expression and, at the same time, a catalyst for further change.

Type: Blog

Nonviolent Action

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