As part of its commitment to supporting young people as peacebuilders, USIP’s public education program has developed a range of additional resources for students to help support their engagement as peacebuilders now and in the future.

Students engaging in a workshop during their visit to the U.S. Institute of Peace.
Students engaging in a workshop during their visit to the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Careers in Peacebuilding

Becoming a professional peacebuilder has no set formula. Draw inspiration from our examples of people working in the field and learn about the varied backgrounds of USIP staff. And check out this story about an Army Colonel’s visit to a DC public school classroom, and his conversation with the students about being a peacebuilder.

Students in Action

Students across the United States are working in their schools and communities to build peace: learn more and share your story.

Study Abroad

A study abroad opportunity can be an important first step in becoming a global peacebuilder. Explore information on the links between study abroad and peacebuilding, including some testimonials from USIP staff.

Ideas for Action

There are many ways to be a peacebuilder: USIP has compiled some ideas to inspire young people to work for peace. 

Curve of Conflict

Conflict has its own dynamic, and it tends to escalate and recede over time. The curve of conflict helps students to visualize how conflicts typically evolve over time and how different phases of conflict relate to one another.

Conflict Styles Assessment

An individual’s conflict style represents their inclination, or natural tendency, when faced with a situation of conflict. Find out your conflict style by taking the Conflict Styles Assessment