Today’s world can seem overwhelming and disheartening to students. As violent actions and negative rhetoric dominate our headlines, many young people are left feeling disempowered. Teachers play an important role in helping their students make sense of the world around them and the conflict they see, and in sharing knowledge and skills that help them understand that this is not inevitable and that they can have a positive role to play. At the same time, many teachers are themselves challenged by the complexities they seek to explain, as well as by limitations of time and curricular restrictions.

Discover how USIP’s 2016 Peace Teachers integrated global peacebuilding concepts and skills into their classrooms over the course of a school year, the challenges they faced, the highs and lows they encountered, and the ultimate impact they had.


  • Matthew Cone, Carrboro High School, Carrboro, NC
  • Latricia Davis, Lakehill Preparatory School, Dallas, TX
  • Lori Raybold, Hamburg High School, Hamburg, NY
  • Rhonda Scullark, Perspectives Middle Academy, Chicago, IL
  • Megan Chabalowski, U.S. Institute of Peace, moderator

The USIP Peace Teachers Program is a year-long professional development opportunity for a small cohort of middle and high school teachers in the United States. It is a signature initiative of the Public Education department at USIP, which serves the American people with resources and initiatives for K-12 students and educators, as well as others interested in learning about and working for peace.