Veteran Ambassador Will Examine U.S.-Egypt Diplomacy


Lauren Sucher


(Washington, July 16) — The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) welcomes as a visiting expert Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr. from the U.S. Department of State. Ricciardone served as Ambassador to Egypt from 2005 to 2008. He previously served as Ambassador to the Philippines and Palau. While at USIP, he will draw on eight years of residence in Egypt over the course of four decades to illuminate how the United States and Egypt can interact effectively to advance areas of mutual interest and to manage their differences.

Ricciardone joined the Foreign Service in 1978 after teaching in Italy on a Fulbright grant and in Iran under the Shah. He traveled widely throughout Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East before and after graduating from Dartmouth College in 1973. As a Foreign Service Officer, he served in Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq, and has held senior policy and program management responsibilities in Washington.

“I am delighted to have the luxury of time and the stimulation of the world-class scholarly resources of USIP, to step back from daily operations, and to distill insights from my own experience and the expertise of so many fine scholars of world affairs concentrated in Washington,” said Ricciardone. “I hope I can contribute to enriching and updating America’s relations with Egypt, and thus perhaps also with her neighbors.”

USIP president Richard H. Solomon agrees. “Diplomacy is more than friendliness and an ability to compromise; it takes a willingness to understand another country’s history, priorities, interests and culture. Frank Ricciardone is uniquely experienced to help current and future diplomats and policymakers communicate more effectively with Egyptians. We look forward to his insights.”

While at USIP, Ricciardone will publish on the practical aspects of U.S.-Egyptian relations, with an emphasis on public communications, of managing a strategic relationship in which both parties are undergoing their own rapid, internal political, economic, and social transitions.


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