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The numerous nonprofit foundations and organizations created and funded by philanthropist George Soros are linked together in an informal network, the Soros Foundations Network. At the heart of this network are thirty-three autonomous organizations, known as national foundations, located throughout Central Europe, Eurasia, and Africa and in Haiti and Guatemala. These foundations share the common mission of supporting the development of open society.

The Soros Foundations Network operates and supports an array of programs and initiatives in education; civil society; independent media; Internet and e-mail communications; publishing; human rights; arts and culture; and social, legal, and economic reform. The Open Society Institute-New York and the Open Society Institute- Budapest assist these foundations and organizations by creating programs on issues common to two or more foundations and by providing administrative, financial, and technical support. Other entities created by George Soros include the Central European University, the international Science Foundation, and the Open Media Research Institute.