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December 2009

  • Senior Fellow Imtiaz Ali (2009-2010) published an article, "Military Victory in South Waziristan or the Beginning of a Long War?" in the Jamestown Foundation's Terrorism Monitor, Vol. 7, Issue: 38.
  • Afghan Fellow Palwasha Hassan (2009-2010) published an essay, "Women's Agency in Afghanistan: From Survivors to Agents of Change," in a special edition of the Middle East Institute's publication Viewpoints, "Afghanistan, 1979-2009: In the Grip of Conflict."  Read the collection.  She also spoke at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) at an event in honor of International Human Rights Day about, "The 2009 Afghan Elections and Women's Right to Vote."
  • Senior Fellows George Lopez (2009-2010) and Robin Wright (2009-2010) testified at a House Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs Hearing on, "Iran Sanctions: Options, Opportunities and Consequences."  Read their testimony.
  • Jennings Randolph Guest Scholar Jeremy Pam had an OpEd in the Jerusalem Post, "Obama's Tragic Sense of War and Peace."
  • Senior Fellow Marc Sommers (2009-2010) published an OpEd on Urban Refugees in The Independent, "Only Urban Areas Offer Young the Hope of Paid Work."  He also gave a presentation, "Aligning Policies and programs to Youth Priorities," at a U.S. Department of Labor conference on "Transforming the Youth Bulge into a Worker Bulge."

November 2009

  • Senior Fellow Imtiaz Ali (2009-2010) gave an interview on CNN International.
  • Senior Fellow Judith Asuni (2009-2010) joined USIP staff members Dorina Bekoe and Jackie Wilson as "remote" guest speakers for a class of 12th graders at the Cate School in Los Angeles, California, who are focusing their international negotiations simulation project this year on Nigeria.  Asuni also gave an interview to journalist Xu Jingjing of Life Week in China.
  • Afghan Fellow Palwasha Hassan gave an interview on Afghanistan Tolo TV about women's participation in Afghanistan.
  • Senior Fellow Bill Long (2009-2010) ran a workshop for the National Science Foundation on designing graduate degree programs for post-9/11 service personnel under the new GI Bill. 
  • Guest Scholar Jeremy Pam was quoted in The Washington Independent article, "Proposal Circulates on New Civilian-Military Agency."
  • Senior Fellow Marc Sommers (2009-2010) served as a discussant at a Book Discussion on, 'Life After Violence: A People's Story of Burundi" by Tufts University professor Peter Uvin at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars.
  • Senior Fellow Robin Wright (2009-2010) published two articles in Time: "Tehran Braces for a New Political Showdown" and "Why Iran's Opposition Movement Muddles Nuclear Talks."  She was interviewed for CBS Morning News/Monday on the implications of the Iraq bombings for Obama's decision on Afghanistan and spoke on a panel at a conference organized by the University of Maryland, "Iran After the 2009 Elections: Domestic, Regional and International Dimensions."  Wright also spoke at a panel on Iran's nuclear program at the Middle East Institute's annual conference with former Senior Fellow Rend al-Rahim and on the future of the Islamic world at the American Academy of Religion annual conference in Montreal.  Read the Conference Program.
  • Army Fellow Colonel Roger Cloutier (2006-2007) was quoted in the article, "Brigade Prepares for 'Advise, Assist' Mission" in Army Defense News on the 3rd Infantry Division 1st Brigade's upcoming deployment (its fourth) to Iraq.
  • Senior Fellow Dr. Francis Deng (2002-2003) delivered a speech, "Prospects for Reconciling Self-Determination with Unity in Sudan," during the symposium on "Unity and Self- Determination in Sudan" organized by UNMIS and Future Trends Foundation in Khartoum.  The speech is reprinted in the Sudan Tribune.
  • Guest Scholar Soren Jessen-Petersen (2006-2007) took part in a USIP training session on mediation for a group of senior mission leaders of various U.N. missions in New York City.
  • Senior Fellow Leonard Rubenstein (2008-2009) published an OpEd in the Washington Post with William Newbrander, "Undermining Afghan Health Care."
  • Afghan Fellow Mohammad Massom Stanekzai (2008-2009) was cited in an article in Foreign Policy's publication The Cable, "Can Japan bring Peace to Afghanistan?"
  • Army Fellow Todd Wood (2008-2009) took over command  of Fort Wainwright's 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division.  Read more about the 1st Stryker Brigade, whose soliders are also known as the "Arctic Wolves."

October 2009

  • Afghanistan Fellow Palwasha Hassan met with Congresswomen Susan Davis (D-CA) to talk about the situation facing women in Afghanistan.
  • Senior Fellow George Lopez (2009-2010) appeared on WBEZ Chicago's Worldview program on "Using 'Smart Sanctions' on Iran."  Listen to the interview.  He also gave the inaugural Gandhi-King Lecture on International Relations and Peace Studies at West Virginia University. In his lecture, Lopez explored the relevance of the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. as they relate to the contemporary issues of terrorism and weapons proliferation, and the teaching of peace studies. Read the Press Release.
  • Senior Fellow Hasan Barari (2006-2007) published an OpEd, "The Change Needed" in the Jordan Times.
  • Senior Fellow Robert Maguire (2008-2009) published a USIP Special Report, "Haiti after the Donors' Conference."
  • Senior Fellow C. Raja Mohan (1992-1993), professor of South Asian Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Sinapore, was named the Henry Alfred Kissinger Scholar in Foreign Policy and International Relations in the John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress.
  • Senior Fellow Yoram Peri (2001-2002) has been appointed director of the new Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies at the University of Maryland.
  • Senior Fellow Donald Steinberg (2004-2005) gave a speech as Chair of the opening panel, "Children and Armed Conflict: Protecting the Most Vulnerable," to the UNICEF Program on Rehabilitation and Reintegration of War-Affected Children in Brussels.  Read the speech.

September 2009

  • Senior Fellow Imtiaz Ali (2009-2010) spoke at a panel organized by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point on "Convergence and Divergence: Assessing the Dynamics and Cooperation and Competition Among Sunni Militant Organizations in Pakistan."  Ali presented the Pakistani Taliban Case Study.  Senior Fellow Praveen Swami (2004-2005). Associate Editor of "The Hindu," presented the Kashmir Group Case Study.
  • Senior Fellow Robin Wright (2009-2010) appared on CNN's American Morning Show, speaking on US policy toward the Middle East.
  • A working paper by former Senior Fellow Leonard Rubenstein (2008-2009), "Post-Conflict Health Reconstruction: New Foundations for U.S. Policy" has been published by USIP.
  • Guest Scholar (2006-2009) Soren Jessen-Petersen spoke on a panel at USIP on "Independent Diplomat: Conflict Prevention and Diplomacy."