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The Grant Program wishes to congratulate the following recently approved award recipients:

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HIRUT ABEBE-JIRI, Ethiopian Red Terror Documentation and Research Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: A grant to inventory, preserve, and make publicly available hundreds of thousands of documents related to the “Red Terror” of the late 1970s in Ethiopia. Through the documents and an educational toolkit, the project will give Ethiopians access to, and a chance to reconcile with, a critical period in their country's past. (USIP-087-09F) $80,855

SUSAN ALLEN-NAN, George Mason University, Arlington, VA: A grant to support the expansion of a successful Georgian-South Ossetian Track II diplomatic initiative engaging influential Georgians and South Ossetians.  The unofficial dialogues will generate new options for concrete confidence building initiatives, continue building relationships amongst influential Georgians and South Ossetians, and disseminate among policy makers and the general public the resulting policy recommendations and information about improved relationships between the two communities. (USIP-057-09F) $129,000.

AMJAD ATALLAH, Public International Law & Policy Group, Arlington, VA: A grant to support a study to identify best practices in the prevention and resolution of water-based conflicts.  Based on research, a series of simulations, and expert roundtable discussions, the initiative will develop and enhance legal and political mechanisms for preventing and resolving water-based conflicts by identifying gaps in these mechanisms and suggesting potential strategies to improve them. (USIP-069-09F) $51,909

SEVERINE AUTESSERRE,  Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, NY: A grant to assess how an emerging international culture of peacekeeping affects the efficacy of conflict resolution programs in the context of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project will explore how Western and non-Western approaches to peacekeeping differ, and how both interact with local contexts. It will then assess the conditions under which peacebuilding interventions are more or less likely to succeed. (USIP-004-09F) $94,000

RICARDO ESQUIVA BALLESTRAS, Owing Peace (Sembrandopaz), Sincelejo, Sucre, Colombia:  A grant to support local and national reconciliation processes by strengthening the eight departmental Citizens' Reconciliation Commissions (CCR) on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Workshops will promote citizen participation and will facilitate local and regional involvement in national demobilization and reintegration efforts.  (USIP-068-09F) $119,240

, Development Economics Group, Wageningen, Netherlands: A grant to perform a rigorous evaluation of a large-scale NGO intervention in post-war Liberia that is focused on the relationship between social capital and levels of productivity in farming. The project will identify factors that impede the reconstruction of rural social capital, explore their effects on agricultural productivity, and evaluate whether external interventions are effective in overcoming obstacles to rural reconstruction. (USIP-077-09F) $118,588

PAUL FORAGE, Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, FL: A grant to create a sustainable simulation platform to conduct training in peace and humanitarian operations and to develop a "train-the-trainer" curriculum for humanitarian leadership training. Through these activities, the project will contribute to the development of a cadre of highly-skilled humanitarian leaders.  (USIP-103-09F) $79,680

AMANEY JAMAL AND MARK TESSLER, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ: A grant to extend a multi-country survey project that provides data for theory-driven scholarly inquiry and for dissemination and outreach activities that are important for understanding attitudes and beliefs of peace in the Middle East.  Surveys in 11 Arab countries will address issues that are key to analyzing and promoting political accountability and good governance in the Arab world.  (USIP-059-09F) $120,000

DAVID A. KLINGER, Police Foundation, Washington, DC: A grant to develop more effective strategies for the policing sector in post-conflict peace operations. Through a systematic review of previous peace operations, the project will develop civilian police reform and service delivery models that provide guidance on how policing can and should be delivered in transition and post-conflict states. (USIP-074-09F) $119,792

SAMIRA LOUKA, Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, Cairo, Egypt: A grant to support an advanced training program for facilitators in peace-building and interreligious dialogue activities. Through a series of workshops targeting 30 facilitators--religious leaders, educators, academics and other community leaders of all faiths from across Egypt, the program will provide training and develop tools in religious tolerance, interreligious dialogue, citizenship, pluralism, and peacebuilding techniques. (USIP-043-09F) $90,000

CHRIS PLUTTE AND MIKE JOBBINS, Search for Common Ground, Washington, DC: A grant to support the development of age-appropriate conflict resolution software to be installed on thousands of computers in Rwandan schools. Through use of the software, students in pilot schools will gain increased knowledge of causes of conflict and skills to resolve conflict. The software will be open source and posted online for modification and adaptation to other contexts. (USIP-067-09F) $129,063

DAWN ROTHE, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA: A grant to develop and analyze a comprehensive dataset on conflict and post conflict modalities of justice in Africa (1945-2008), with a specific focus on identifying factors at the local, state and international levels that facilitate or impede the implementation of post-conflict justice programs. The data and findings, which will be broadly disseminated, will inform the development and implementation of more effective post-conflict justice programs.  (USIP-042-09F) $80,000

NUNE SARGSYAN, Internews Media Support, Yerevan, Armenia: A grant to promote the use of audio-visual media as a tool for dialogue between young people in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Participants will jointly produce short documentary films, thereby creating a platform for creative communication and countering stereotypes of the 'enemy' in the two societies. (USIP-045-09F) $111,932

KALINGA T. SILVA AND DHAMMIKA HERATH, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka:  A grant to support a study of the nature of emotional disturbances and social problems faced by survivors of the Sri Lankan Civil war. Research findings, which will be disseminated to policymakers and practitioners engaged in efforts to promote social reconciliation, will also guide the implementation of the project’s training component that will strengthen the ability of psychosocial counselors in Sri Lanka to address the needs of survivors and enhance social harmony. (USIP-090-09F) $96,275

JOHN SLOBODA, Oxford Research Group, London, United Kingdom: A grant to define and test a generalizable framework for enumerating the casualties of armed conflict. Drawing on a newly-created international network of casualty recording practitioners, the initiative will produce a report that evaluates findings, raise the quality of data on the casualties of armed conflict, and professionalize the conduct of casualty recording. (USIP-009-09F) $100,161

CHANDRA LEKHA SRIRAM, University of East London, London, United Kingdom): A grant to support a study of transitional justice as an element of peacebuilding in countries emerging from conflict. Drawing on a wide range of case studies, the initiative will map and assess existing practices that integrate peacebuilding and transitional justice programs, examine retributive justice and restorative measures, and identify processes that return former combatants to communities and promote reconciliation.  (USIP-002-09F) $95,447

MEGHAN STEWART, Public International Law & Policy Group, Arlington, VA: A grant to facilitate implementation of Zimbabwe’s 2008 Global Political Agreement (GPA), particularly its land reform components. The project will work with the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to develop a viable program for the implementation of land reform, and to assist the MDC to effectively negotiate points of impasse with the ZANU-PF on GPA implementation. (USIP-024-09F) $65,895

MIRSAD TOKACA, Research and Documentation Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: A grant to support the digitization and protection of the Center’s archives on the Balkan war that consists of some 20,800 folders and over 1 million pages of material on key elements of the conflict, including casualty figures.  The initiative, which includes a training component for archivists, will publish digitized documents through an outreach tool, the Bosnian War Crimes Atlas, and protect from decomposition one of the richest and most accurate archives on the war and war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. (USIP-079-09F) $119,938

, Public Radio International, Minneapolis, MN: A grant to support a special series of radio programs from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Drawing on The World’s veteran journalists, the series will explore such themes as the growth of militancy in the region, the capacity and inclination of Afghanistan's and Pakistan's governments to respond effectively, and the policy options available to the U.S.  The series will air on The World and on satellite radio, be streamed online and reversioned as podcasts, and be complemented by additional online content including backgrounders, reporter's blogs, and video. (USIP-038-09F) $125,000

TERESA WHITFIELD, New York University, New York, NY): A grant to conduct applied research on the ETA insurgency in the Basque region of Spain. The project will illuminate the dynamics driving a persistent terrorist insurgency, provide detailed information on the Basque case anchored in unique access to key actors, and make available general lessons derived from efforts to resolve the Basque insurgency. (USIP-017-09F) $121,944

, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, (SIPRI), Solna, Sweden: A grant to conduct research and to widen and deepen the policy debate on the current global architecture for civilian components of peace operations. The project will improve the understanding of the role of civilians within peace operations as well as contribute to harnessing the untapped expertise and potential of the global South on this issue. (USIP-047-09F) $120,000