This multimedia exhibit and video series comprises six short video pieces telling powerful individual stories of peacebuilders of various types from around the world.

Students view the Witnesses to Peacebuilding exhibit at USIP.
Students view the Witnesses to Peacebuilding exhibit at USIP

The profiled peacebuilders can all be seen below:

  • LTC William Zemp recounts a reconciliation initiative in Iraq, in which partnerships were essential to peacebuilding (with lesson)
  • Betty Bigombe describes her experience building peace in Uganda (with lesson)
  • George Mitchell talks about his work to broker peace in Northern Ireland (with lesson)
  • Juanes shares his work to engage young people in Colombia in peacebuilding through his music (with lesson)
  • Two teenagers, one Israeli and one Palestinian, talking about their experience at the Seeds of Peace summer camp in Maine (with lesson)
  • Mine Detection Dogs are featured, which are trained by the Marshall Legacy Institute to sniff out landmines in the aftermath of war (with lesson)

These stories introduce diverse issues and conflicts and emphasize that there are many ways to be a peacebuilder. For questions to direct classroom conversation about the Witnesses to Peacebuilding, please refer to the Discussion Guide

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*These videos represent personal stories of peacebuilding from around the world. Some of them contain graphic images and make reference to violent acts as part of their content. We have suggested appropriate ages and grades for the associated educational content, but we recognize that every student and classroom is unique. Teachers should preview the videos with their students in mind.