Engaging New Audiences in Peacebuilding

USIP engages K-12 schools nationwide with educational programs on USIP’s work, year-long initiatives that include contests for high school students and the Peace Teachers Program, and additional USIP resources that teach about international conflict resolution and show how peace is possible.

Girls Scouts participating in USIP public education program

School & Classroom Resources

From educational programs to classroom materials and year-long initiatives, USIP offers a range of resources to help educators bring peacebuilding concepts and skills to life in their classrooms.


Through the Peace Teachers Program, teacher workshops, webinars, and other opportunities, educators can find support and training on how to incorporate peacebuilding themes and skills into their educational settings.

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Student Opportunities

Through educational contests and other engagement opportunities, USIP helps young peacebuilders understand how conflicts are resolved, how peace is achieved, and how they can make a difference.

USIP Resources for Higher Education Audiences

USIP’s public education department offers a range of resources and delivers educational programs for university students, faculty, and professors that introduce those groups to USIP and its work.

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