Grants and Fellowships

USIP grants increase the breadth and depth of the Institute’s work by supporting peacebuilding projects managed by non-profit organizations including educational institutions, research institutions, and civil society organizations.

In over twenty-five years of grantmaking, the Institute’s grant competitions have received almost 11,000 applications and awarded some 2,200 grants for research, training, education, Track II, media and other programs to prevent, manage, and resolve violent conflict and consolidate post-conflict peace, stability and development.  The Institute has provided funding to grantees located in 46 U.S. states and the District of Columbia and in 87 countries around the world.

Over the past 30 years, the peacebuilding field has matured and consolidated.  It now requires a new focused investment in its conceptual and practical development.  Accordingly, the...

USIP Fellowship programs support research, analysis and writing on urgent issues of conflict prevention, conflict management and peacebuilding by outstanding individuals with subject and regional expertise and experience critical to the work of the Institute.

Since 1988, The Jennings Randolph Peace Scholars program has supported the dissertations of roughly 265 young scholars, most of whom have gone on to distinguished careers in research, teaching and policy making.  USIP’s Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship program has supported research, writing and in-house advising on a wide variety of topics related to peace and conflict, from Track Two Diplomacy and its influence on US-Russia relations to oil and conflict, through over 315 ten-month, residential fellowships to date. The Institute  also hosts Military Fellows serving in a...

Grant & Fellowship Opportunities Deadline Date Center Type
South and Central Asia Grant Ongoing Grant Opportunity
Promoting the Rule of Law and Access to Justice January 21, 2016 Grant Opportunity
Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program December 4, 2015 Fellowship Opportunity
Learning from Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa Monday, November 9, 2015 Grant Opportunity
National Dialogue Fellowship Opportunity Closed Fellowship Opportunity
Supporting Innovation in Israeli and Palestinian Peacebuilding Grant Closed Grant Opportunity
Middle East and North Africa Grant Closed Grant Opportunity
Peace Dissertation Prize Closed Grant Opportunity
Africa Grant Closed Grant Opportunity
Fellowship Opportunity in Reconciliation: Call for Concept Notes Closed Fellowship Opportunity