What is the USIP FLUXX Award Nomination Portal?

FLUXX is the online database USIP uses to manage nominations for the Women Building Peace Award. All nomination applications and documents related to this competition will be entered and stored in FLUXX’s secure online portal.

Which web browser should be used to access FLUXX in order to submit a nomination?

FLUXX works best when using Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop. FLUXX does not work well on a tablet or mobile device.

How do I enter a nomination application in FLUXX?

The nomination process comprises two steps.

  1. FLUXX Account Registration. (Account Registration is not the nomination application)
    Nominators must first register for an account in order to gain access to the nomination application.
    • Open the FLUXX registration page at https://usip.fluxx.io/user_sessions/new.
    • Click “Register for an account” on the right side of the page.
    • Select “Women Building Peace Award” as the competition type.
    • Enter the required information in the Primary Contact Information section and click “Submit Request.”
    • Within 24 hours nominators will receive a FLUXX confirmation email containing a username and password.
  2. Nomination Application Submission.
    Once a nominator receives login credentials, they may begin the nomination application.
    • Open the FLUXX application page https://usip.fluxx.io.
    • Enter the username and password sent in the FLUXX confirmation email.
    • Click “Draft Nominations” in the left toolbar to create a blank draft nomination.
    • Begin entering information in the nomination application.

Who must register for a FLUXX account?

Only those nominating applicants for the award must register for an account. The women who are nominated do not register for a FLUXX account.

How do I nominate more than one person in FLUXX?

Nominators do not need to re-register for a FLUXX account in order to nominate more than one person. A separate nomination can be created for each person to be nominated. To create a new nomination, log in to the FLUXX account and click “Begin New Nomination” at the bottom left of the page. Follow the steps listed above for how to complete a nomination.

Is there a word count limit for the nomination application?

Yes. The word count limits for sections are listed within the nomination application. Please edit responses to meet the word limit requirements. If the word limit is exceeded, the nomination will not be accepted. 

Will my nomination application be automatically saved in the FLUXX system?

No, the FLUXX program does not autosave. Save the nomination application by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom right of the page. Save frequently while completing the nomination application. Once the nomination application is saved, it can be accessed again at any time. Do not close the nomination application page or the FLUXX program without clicking “Save.” Updates may be lost if the program is closed without saving.

If the nomination application will not save, please copy and paste the nomination information into a Word.doc and email womenbuildingpeace@usip.org to inform the FLUXX administrator of the issue. All email requests will receive a response within 24 business hours.

Is it possible to edit an unsubmitted nomination application?

Yes. Open the FLUXX program and go to the toolbar on the left page. Under “Draft Nominations”, select the nomination application to be edited. Click “Edit” in the right corner and continue to enter information in the nomination application. Save the nomination application before closing the page.

How do I submit a completed nomination application?

Once the nomination application is complete, click “Save,” and then click “Submit Nomination”. The FLUXX page will automatically update when a nomination is submitted. In order to view the submitted nominations, click “Submitted Nominations” in the toolbar on the left side of the page.

Is it possible to withdraw a submitted nomination(s)?

Yes. To withdraw a nomination application, please send an email to womenbuildingpeace@usip.org and a FLUXX administrator will withdraw the nomination application. Nominators will be notified once the nomination application has been withdrawn.

Are incomplete nominations applications considered for the award?

No. Incomplete nomination applications will not be considered for the award. Completed nomination applications must be submitted into the FLUXX system by 2:00pm ET, Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

Can a nomination be unsubmitted to allow additional work on the application?

Yes. If an incomplete nomination application is accidentally submitted before the deadline of February 2, 2021, it can be unsubmitted in order to be completed. Please send an email to womenbuildingpeace@usip.org informing the FLUXX administrators. The nomination application will be un-submitted and the nomination will appear under “Draft Nominations” in the left toolbar.

What happens to a nomination application if the nominee does not meet the Eligibility Requirements for the Women Building Peace Award?

All nomination applications are reviewed to ensure that the nominee meets the Eligibility Requirements. If a nominee does not meet the Eligibility Requirements, the nomination application will not be considered for the award.