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In Iraq's Former 'Triangle of Death,' a Peace Accord has Brought a Decade of Stability

Ten years ago, nearly 3,500 U.S. troops fought—and 54 died—to suppress tribal warfare and an al-Qaeda insurgency on a battleground known as the “Triangle of Death.” The Army’s 10th Mountain Division appealed to USIP for help. With Iraqis, the military and USIP organized a peace accord that still sustains stability in the Mahmoudiya district a decade later. ISIS, which took over cities throughout much of Iraq, was unable to penetrate Mahmoudiya, former ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey has noted. A three-minute video tells the story.

Connecting Civil Resistance and Conflict Resolution

Amid conflicts worldwide, ‘people power’ activists and peace mediators sometimes regard each other warily. That fissure helped undermine Egypt’s attempt at democracy in 2011. Recent research shows that social and political conflicts yield stronger, more stable resolutions when the devotees of nonviolent resistance and of mediation work together.

How to End the War in Ukraine

New sanctions on Russia and the appointment of a new U.S. envoy, Kurt Volker, offer a basis for the United States, alongside Europe, to revive the stalled peace effort on Ukraine. The European Union has sustained economic and travel sanctions on Russia despite Moscow’s effort to erode European solidarity. Russia’s resulting isolation weighs on its economy, worsening the effect of low oil prices.

The New Peace Initiative for South Sudan: Can This Work?

East African leaders have endorsed a new peace initiative for South Sudan to revive the defunct 2015 peace accord. USIP’s visiting expert, Aly Verjee, witnessed the earlier peace process from inside. He writes that the international community should provide its support with conditions—notably that the process is inclusive and that participants adhere to a timetable.

To Calm Afghanistan and Iraq, Push for Inclusive Governance

The United States seeks a path on Iraq and Afghanistan, where states still don’t include offer the benefits of governance to all parts of the population. On Sirius XM Radio, Nancy Lindborg discusses a USIP report on such ‘fragile’ states and urges an “integrated political, economic, security plan” to restore the social contract between their governments and people.