Terror on the Internet: Questions and Answers

What are the key elements of terrorism? Acts of terrorism are premeditated, politically motivated, and directed at civilians and are perpetrated by subnational groups rather than by the army of a state. Terrorism is a form of psychological warfare that seeks to spread fear, mistrust, and helplessness among the ordinary citizens of a society. Modern terrorists rely heavily on the mass media and use a constant stream of broadcasting (radio, television, video, and the Internet) to achieve the f...

Type: Analysis and Commentary

Praise for Oil, Profits, and Peace

  "Jill Shankleman asks whether oil and gas companies can, and should, do more to promote peace and mitigate conflict in the fragile countries where they operate. Her answer is an emphatic "Yes!" Intensely conscious of both the opportunities and the constraints that corporations face in difficult environments, she focuses on three case studies: Azerbaijan, Angola, and Sudan. The result is a balanced, comprehensive, and practical analysis that is thoroughly readable. Shankleman offers concret...

Conflict Prevention Strategies in the 21st Century

The threats and opportunities of the 21st century demand that increased attention be paid to practical questions about how to design and implement effective prevention strategies—beyond continual calls to "act early," instill a "culture of prevention," and, above all, mobilize "political will." To this end, USIP is currently developing intellectual capital on evidence-based prevention, early warning, and the prevention of mass atrocities.

Conflict Analysis & PreventionMediation, Negotiation & Dialogue

Transitional Justice

The Rule of Law Center has shaped the field of "transitional justice" through research that examines these issues in comparative perspective, publications, grant-funded work, and substantive policy advice.

Praise for Suicide Bombers in Iraq

"It is hard to think of a more compelling issue in the international arena today than the question of who exactly is carrying out the suicide attacks in Iraq that have done so much to turn the co...

Praise for How We Missed the Story

  "Roy Gutman, a tireless reporter, has written a deeply researched and fascinating account of the various U.S. foreign policy failures that helped account for the rise of the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan before the 9/11 attacks. Gutman also explains how so many institutions in the United States, from the media to the national security establishment, largely missed what would turn out to be one of the most important stories of our time."

Praise for Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace

"This rigorous, non-partisan, no-holds-barred analysis of the most recent twenty years of U.S. effort in Middle East peacemaking is essential reading for practitioners and scholars. The operation...