"Negotiating Peace and Confronting Corruption": Questions and Answers with the Author

What is the principal challenge for those negotiating peace and confronting corruption in post-conflict societies? Why did you select these six cases, and how did you structure your analysis of each case? How do you define corruption? What were the findings in comparing the six case studies to the seven country control group? What measures can be taken in postconflict reconstruction processes to discourage corruption? What are integrity provisions, and how do they prevent corruption...

Praise for "The British State and the Northern Ireland Crisis, 1969–73"

“This volume is a model of lucidity and clarity and a joy to read. Although the particular case study is well known, Smith brings many new insights through an extensive trawl of the archives in London, Dublin, and Belfast, and in his use of private interviews.” —Paul Arthur, University of Ulster “This is an excellent study of a crucial period of British policy towards Northern Ireland. The author has done a very good job in searching the archives and producing a clear and coherent narrati...

Questions and Answers with the Author of "The British State and the Northern Ireland Crisis, 1969-73"

Why did you choose to write about this conflict? What is the premise of the volume? What policy choices exist for governments facing political violence? Why go back to a period of failure? What are the lessons for policymakers? What are the lessons for peace research? What lies ahead for Northern Ireland?   Why did you choose to write about this conflict? I was born in Belfast and I have lived through the Troubles. As a public official and political scientist, I have witn...

Defense Secretary Gates Headlines USIP's Inaugural Acheson Lecture

On October 15, 2008, Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates delivered the keynote speech at the U.S. Institute of Peace’s first annual Dean Acheson Lecture. In his address, Gates called for the United States to develop national security institutions better able to respond to increasingly complex challenges in international conflict settings.

Praise for Pandemics and Peace

“This book is an original and unique contribution to the literature on infectious disease detection and response, offering an encyclopedic consideration of regional health diplomacy as a ‘bridge to peace.’ The volume presents a very detailed case study of three transnational regional disease surveillance programs of varying effectiveness and tackles the question of the legitimacy and accountability of the transnational public-private partnerships which play an increasingly central role in glo...

Questions and Answers with the Editors

Authors Kathleen Kuehnast, Chantal de Jonge Oudraat, and Helga Hernes discuss their recent book Women and War: Power and Protection in the 21st Century. The book addresses the reality that women have long been uncounted victims of war and examines the increased role of women as armed combatants in conflicts, while asking the question of how to bring women into the setting the agenda for peacebuilding in conflict affected countries. What do the authors examine in Women and War? What is...

Praise for "How Pakistan Negotiates with the United States"

“This groundbreaking work is an excellent addition to our knowledge of decision making in Pakistan and Pakistan's foreign policy. Drawing from their extensive personal experience and a panel of experts on Pakistan, the authors cover a subject—a diplomatic style—that is relatively untouched in the academic literature. This volume is useful not only as a practical handbook for those negotiating with Pakistanis, but also as a review of the interaction of U.S. and Pakistani foreign policy.”

Glossary of Terms for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

Glossary of Terms for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

To help practitioners, scholars, and students answer questions about terminology, USIP has developed the Peace Terms: A Glossary of Terms for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding. This extensive glossary provides short definitions of a wide range of complex and often confusing terms used in the field of conflict resolution.

Haiti Working Group

USIP's Haiti Working Group holds monthly, public meetings to focus the attention of Washington policymakers on Haiti.