Glossary of Terms for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

Glossary of Terms for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

To help practitioners, scholars, and students answer questions about terminology, USIP has developed the Peace Terms: A Glossary of Terms for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding. This extensive glossary provides short definitions of a wide range of complex and often confusing terms used in the field of conflict resolution.

Haiti Working Group

USIP's Haiti Working Group holds monthly, public meetings to focus the attention of Washington policymakers on Haiti.

The Iran Primer: Power, Politics, and U.S. Policy

Who are the authors? This is an unusual book—written by 50 seasoned experts on Iran as well as a handful of rising young talent. Although this volume has no political agenda and no single political perspective, the authors approach the subject of Iran with a wide range of views. The goal was to be inclusive of many think tanks and universities around the world. The book also features as many Iranian voices as Western authors to ensure the book is sensitive to both sides of the issues.  

Praise for Crescent and Dove

“Crescent and Dove brilliantly infuses sound social science with religious interpretations of Islamic sources. The fresh analyses and insights provided by Huda and these diverse contributors are concise and convincing, adding the cultural dimension needed to comprehend the contemporary Muslim world. The contributors demonstrate a skillful and contextual knowledge of Islamic sources and challenge several traditionally held viewpoints. This book is a must-read for strategists, professionals, ed...

Quadrennial Defense Review Independent Panel

The Quadrennial Defense Review Independent Panel is a bipartisan congressional panel charged with conducting an assessment of the assumptions, strategy, findings, and risks described in the Department of Defense’s Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR).

Smart Tools for Smart Power

The Center of Innovation for Science, Technology, and Peacebuilding's “Smart Tools for Smart Power” initiative brings together peacebuilding practitioners and technology innovators to identify high-impact opportunities for technology to bolster peacebuilding and stability operations.

Constitution Making, Peacebuilding, and National Reconciliation

USIP's advisory work on constitution making is focused on providing options to design and conduct participatory, inclusive, transparent, and nationally owned constitution making processes that enjoy legitimacy and promote national dialogue, reconciliation, and a consensual political community.