Customary Justice and the Rule of Law in War-Torn Societies

Customary Justice and the Rule of Law in War-Torn Societies

Friday, July 1, 2011

By: Deborah Isser; editor

Customary Justice and the Rule of Law in War-Torn Societies presents seven in-depth case studies that take a broad interdisciplinary approach to the study of the justice system. Moving beyond the narrow lens of legal analysis, the cases—Mozambique, Guatemala, East Timor, Afghanistan, Liberia, Iraq, Sudan—examine the larger historical, political, and social factors that shape the character and role of customary justice systems and their place in the overall justice sector.  

Economics & Environment

Truth Commission Digital Collection

Truth Commission Digital Collection

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The United States Institute of Peace’s Truth Commissions Digital Collection is part of the Margarita S. Studemeister Digital Library in International Conflict Management.  The collection contains profiles of truth commissions and substantive bodies of inquiry from nations worldwide - offering general background information on the composition of each body, links to the official legislative texts establishing such commissions, and each commission's final reports and findings.

Conflict Analysis & Prevention; Human Rights

Framing the State in Times of Transition

Framing the State in Times of Transition

Thursday, April 1, 2010

By: Laurel E. Miller; with Louis Aucoin

Analyzing nineteen cases, Framing the State in Times of Transition offers the first in-depth, practical perspective on the implications of constitution-making procedure, and explores emerging international legal norms.

Confronting the Truth (DVD)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

By: Steve York; Neil J. Kritz

Confronting the Truth shows how countries, which have experienced massive human rights violations, have created official, independent bodies known as truth commissions.

Constructing Justice and Security After War

Constructing Justice and Security After War

Monday, January 1, 2007

By: Charles T. Call; editor

In Constructing Justice and Security after War, the distinguished contributors—including scholars, criminal justice practitioners, and former senior officials of international missions—examine the experiences of countries that have recently undergone transitions from conflict with significant international involvement. The volume offers generalizations based on careful comparisons of justice and security reforms in some of the most prominent and successful cases of transitions from war of the...

Timor-Leste: Rebuilding Again?

Monday, July 17, 2006

By: Beth Cole DeGrasse; Yll Bajraktari

Faced with its worst crisis since gaining independence in 1999, the new nation of Timor-Leste is once again the subject of upcoming UN Security Council resolutions that call for the reintroduction of peacekeeping forces and international police.

Truth Commission: Timor-Leste (East Timor)

Thursday, February 7, 2002

Truth Commission: Commission for Reception, Truth, and Reconciliation Duration: 2002 – 2005 Charter: UN Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) Regulation 2001/10 Commissioners: 7 Report: Public report  

Peace Agreements: East Timor

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Agreement Between the Republic of Indonesia and the Portuguese Republic on the Question of East Timor (05-05-1999) Posted by USIP Library on: August 31, 1999 Source Name: Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (For text of agreement and annex) Source URL:; (For text of agreement and annex)