National Security Advisor Designate Michael Flynn last week predicted a Trump administration foreign policy cognizant of “the strength of … alliances” when he spoke at the U.S. Institute of Peace. At USIP’s Passing the Baton conference, the retired Army lieutenant general expanded on his description in an interview shortly after his address. The United States under President Trump will exercise leadership by “globally engaging our partners around the world,” Flynn said.

Here is the key text of Flynn’s response January 10 to a question about his reading of the conference’s bipartisan discussions on foreign policy and national security:

“The two big items that I take away from the last 24 hours, the two points, are about global leadership that the United States of America must demonstrate, and global engagement around the world that, whether we like it or not, the world demands it. And we have to step up to the global stage and take on a much greater leadership role. And I think that the United States of America, unlike any other country that’s ever existed, is the one country that is capable of doing that in a humble, but a very strategic, smart, and very innovative way as well. And I think that, under President-elect Trump, we will see the United States of America essentially step into both of those arenas. Both global leadership, being a global leader, and also globally engaging our partners around the world. Those are the two big points.”