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USIP’s Peace Teachers Program is a year-long professional development opportunity for middle and high school educators in the United States. Launched in 2015, it offers a select group of educators the opportunity to work closely with USIP and with each other over the course of a school year as they incorporate global peacebuilding themes and skills into their classrooms.

USIPeace Teachers with NL.jpg
USIP President Nancy Lindborg and key staff with 2015-2016 Peace Teachers.

Program Objectives:

Peace Teachers become global peacebuilders in their classrooms, schools, and communities as they:

  • Develop their understanding of international conflict management and peacebuilding
  • Discover new ways to teach about conflict and peace in their classrooms
  • Build connections with like-minded educators and with USIP
  • Serve as ambassadors for global peacebuilding in their schools and broader communities

Program Components:

  • A virtual Summer Introductory Program to teaching international conflict management and peacebuilding
  • Tailored professional development opportunities, including virtual monthly meetings and mentoring
  • Support for the development of new educator resources
  • Special closing program at USIP’s Washington, DC, headquarters


The Peace Teachers Program is rooted in the conviction that young people have the potential to change our world for the better. At USIP, we see and hear examples of it every day. We also believe that for them to do so, young people need to be equipped with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable them to envision a more peaceful world and their part in creating it. Teachers play a critical role in young people’s development and action as peacebuilders, and we support – and celebrate – them in that role. 

But we also recognize that it can be difficult to incorporate new ideas and curricula into the classroom. While educators may want to teach global peacebuilding themes and skills, many face a range of challenges to doing so. 

The Peace Teachers Program is designed to support a small group of educators individually and collectively as they teach global peacebuilding; to provide them with a platform to learn and share with teachers across the country as leaders in peacebuilding education; and to harness their own good ideas in the creation of new resources and initiatives that can enable other educators to teach global peacebuilding. 

Meet our Peace Teachers:

Meet past and present Peace Teachers, learn from their experiences, and download their lesson plans, projects, activities, and more.

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