Yousif Kalian is a program specialist currently based in Erbil, Iraq, where he works on social cohesion and community reconciliation in Iraq’s Ninewa province.

Kalian joined USIP after working as a policy and communications associate with an advocacy organization called In Defense of Christians. Before that, he was a research assistant for the Arab politics program at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

He holds a bachelor’s in politics from the Catholic University of America, and his writing has been published on numerous issues related to the Middle East, Iraq, and Iraqi minorities.

Publications By Yousif

Threat to Kakai Community Poses Broader Challenges for Iraq’s Democracy

Threat to Kakai Community Poses Broader Challenges for Iraq’s Democracy

Monday, July 27, 2020

By: Dr. Elie Abouaoun; Yousif Kalian

Amid the global pandemic, ISIS and the havoc it still wreaks have largely fallen out of the headlines. Nonetheless, the terrorist group’s genocidal march against Iraqi minorities has continued. In Iraq’s eastern Diyala province, ISIS has targeted the Kakai minority with multiple, vicious attacks. The plight of the Kakai community in Iraq is a microcosm of the larger existential challenges Iraq faces. Ethnic and sectarian divides have been a flashpoint for conflict and division for decades. For Iraq to move past the wreckage of ISIS, prevent the terrorist group’s resurgence, and advance its struggling democracy, the Kakai must not only be protected but woven more meaningfully into the diverse tapestry that is Iraq—and the United States has the opportunity to help.

Type: Analysis and Commentary

Reconciliation; Human Rights

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