Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz is a senior expert on mediation and dialogue at the U.S. Institute of Peace. He is a mediator, trainer, and facilitator who has dedicated his career to bridging the gap between theory and practice in mediation. He started his career in the Office of the International Mediator in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1998-2004) and then co-founded the CSSP: Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation. He served as its director and senior mediator between 2005 and 2013. He later supported the founding of the European Institute of Peace for mediatEUr: the European Forum for International Mediation and Dialogue. Before joining USIP, he was working on developing the Conflict Management Space as an online platform for developing simple innovative training material for practitioners working in the field.

Dr. Diaz-Prinz’s academic interests include conflict transformation, mediation, negotiation, dialogue, peace process design, and blended learning. He brings over 15 years of teaching experience in international mediation and strategic negotiations working as an adjunct lecturer at several European universities (including the Hertie School of Governance, Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, Brussels School of International Studies and University of Tampere). He also collaborated as an external trainer on mediation at the U.N. Staff College (Turin), the Clingendael Institute, SIT World Learning, and the Torino World Affairs Institute.

Dr. Diaz-Prinz holds a doctorate in international relations (University of Kent, Brussels), a master's in gender and diversity competence (Free University Berlin), an master's in international diplomacy (Schiller International University) and a bachelor's in political science and communication (St. Thomas University, Miami, Fl). He is a recognized mediator with the Federal Association of Mediation in Germany and a recognized trainer at the Central Register for Short Professional Education in the Netherlands. He speaks English, Spanish and German.

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To Sustain Hopes for Peace in Ukraine, Keep an Eye on Turkey

To Sustain Hopes for Peace in Ukraine, Keep an Eye on Turkey

Thursday, April 28, 2022

By: Esra Çuhadar, Ph.D.;  Juan Diaz-Prinz, Ph.D.

Russia’s atrocities against Ukrainian civilians and its escalated warfare in southeastern Ukraine have swept aside last month’s public discussion of peace options as the countries briefly held talks in Turkey. Yet even in the darkest moments, all sides in this war, including the United States and Europe, have strong interests in maintaining channels for negotiation that can be used when opportunity re-emerges. Protecting that interest means understanding and maintaining Turkey’s role in facilitating talks—and its potential to serve more actively as a mediator.

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Yes, we can meet on online. But can we negotiate peace there?

Yes, we can meet on online. But can we negotiate peace there?

Friday, May 15, 2020

By: Juan Diaz-Prinz, Ph.D.

The spread of the coronavirus has forced mediators and their international partners to halt the face-to-face meetings typically used in building peace. Feeling a sense of urgency, practitioners have scrambled to upgrade their use of alternatives—notably online consultations, dialogues and workshops. Digital tools are being quickly developed that could provide opportunities for peacebuilding unimaginable just a couple of years ago. How can we ensure that this development, now accelerated by the COVID pandemic, remains viable in practice?

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