Adnan Rafiq is USIP's country director for Pakistan. He is a senior development practitioner with a focus on public policy design, analysis, and implementation.

Rafiq has multiple years of experience leading research and development initiatives for a range of organizations, including the U.N. Development Programme, DAI, U.N. Women, and the British Council. Adnan is also an established author. He co-edited a book titled "Pakistan's Democratic Transition: Change and Persistence" published by Routledge in 2016. He has also published a journal paper in Telecommunications Policy. He frequently contributes opinion pieces for national and international newspapers such as Dawn, The News, Express Tribune, Daily Times, and Huffington Post.

He holds a doctorate in politics from the University of Oxford and focuses on political economy, governance, security, peacebuilding, international relations, and strategy.

Publications By Adnan

Coronavirus Pandemic Puts Police in the Spotlight in Pakistan

Coronavirus Pandemic Puts Police in the Spotlight in Pakistan

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

By: Zoha Waseem; Adnan Rafiq

Police in Pakistan have found themselves in an unprecedented situation since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. Under-resourced and poorly trained, they have struggled to ensure compliance with public health restrictions—such as lockdowns and social distancing—against a backdrop of Pakistan’s overarching governance challenges. With only outdated legal frameworks and conventional training and education to rely on, the police have largely responded to violations with corporal punishment, detentions, and arrests—actions that have been reported by the media and widely condemned.

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