USIP offers ways for individuals and groups in the U.S. and abroad to learn about and get involved in building peace.


Peace Day Challenge

The International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981 as a “date to be brought to the attention of all people for the celebration and observance of peace…including through education and public awareness.”

In 2015, as part of marking its 30th anniversary year, USIP created the Peace Day Challenge. The vision was to raise the profile of the International Day of Peace, to emphasize that peace is a realistic alternative to the violence that dominates the daily news, and to inspire a day of action for peace in communities across the U.S. and around the world, and on social media at #PeaceDayChallenge.

In its first year, the Peace Day Challenge reached an estimated 21 million people in more than 129 countries on social media, and inspired peace-focused activities in 24 U.S. states and 36 countries.

In 2016, expanded outreach brought the Peace Day Challenge to 83 million people in 148 countries on social media, and spurred real-life actions for peace in 41 U.S. states and dozens of countries.

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Year-Round for Students

Find resources and initiatives for young peacebuilders, including opportunities to learn about peace and conflict and to take action for peace, as well as information about our national contests for students.

Year-Round for Educators 

Find resources to support educators interested in bringing peacebuilding themes and skills into their classrooms in creative ways.

Request a Group Visit

USIP welcomes requests from groups interested in visiting our building and learning about our mission and work. We offer educational programs for students and educators of all levels; we host groups of international visitors who are in the U.S. on professional exchange programs; and we welcome inquiries from other groups from across the U.S. and visiting from overseas, as time and capacity permit. Click through to find the Visit Request Form.

U.S. Engagement

While USIP focuses primarily on conflict management and peacebuilding abroad, as required by our founding statute, another part of the Institute’s original mandate from Congress is to serve the American people with education and information on the means to promote international peace and resolve conflicts without violence.

In 2011, timed with the move to its new headquarters adjacent to the National Mall, USIP established a dedicated program focused on public education, originally called the Global Peacebuilding Center. This program offers resources and initiatives to make peacebuilding accessible and engaging. Working with students, educators, and a broad public audience, it encourages Americans to learn about and get involved in global peacebuilding.

Find resources for students and educators.

Learn more about the Peace Trail on the National Mall initiative

Join us in our annual Peace Day Challenge.

And if you are interested in engaging with us, whether through your organization or your community’s work on global issues, or through activities or interests in your school or university, please contact our public education program at We field inquiries from those interested in inviting USIP experts to speak at events around the country, and we are here as a resource for those interested in learning more and getting involved with our work.